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Oxygen for Superior Colon Hygiene. Colosan will gently oxidize and cleanse the intestines andbeing poisoned. This fecal fortress is a home base for parasites, germs, bacteria and viruses to multiply in and organize their attacks on your body. By eliminating their home base you can prevent pathogens from getting a toe hold on your system and help to prevent recurrences of annoying bugs.

colon using oxygen to remove the putrefaction that is accumulating in your intestines and your colon. Stop reabsorbing toxins and get more nutrients out of your food by oxidizing and eliminating the 6 to 12 pounds of excess in your plumbing.
There is no better way to clean the colon than with oxygen since digestion is known to be a process of oxidation. By introducing oxygen into the intestines and the colon, one can assist the process of complete digestion as well as oxidizing undigested material. Colosan turns the undigested material into CO2, waste and water. Colosan is a cathartic and initially will give you liquid stools. This is a sign that the product is working. The gentle oxidizing action of Colosan can be compared with three other forms of laxative. The amphetamines that are used as diuretics and contain addictive substances. Herbal laxatives that employ micro toxins, or small poisons, to induce the system to purge itself of valuable water in order to rid the digestive tract of the toxin. These two methods drain the body of necessary fluids in their attempt to wash out the system and do not contribute to good health. Fiber type laxatives, like psyllium, taken to maintain regularity, force matter through the tract via the plug or bolus of fiber. Fiber is an appropriate natural way to maintain regularity but oxygen is a gentler more sensible method. Colosan should be used as a first step in any health regimen. This will help to prevent the usual Hoxsey reaction, healing crisis or detox reaction that individuals undertaking a cleansing will frequently encounter. Practitioners familiar with natural healing are generally overjoyed to learn about this valuable tool for avoiding these unpleasant reactions. It is very logical to clean out the organs of elimination prior to attempting to detoxify the body. This way the body can eliminate the toxins more readily rather that have them stirred up, floating around and creating complications. Common symptoms of a healing crisis are nausea, headaches, tiredness, or pain in the liver and kidneys. Colosan makes this unpleasantry a thing of the past. Many colon therapist love Colosan because it enables them to clean the entire 21 feet of the digestive tract as well as loosening the impacted material in the lower colon. By giving Colosan to their patients prior to the colonic they can effect a more thorough cleanse. This creates very satisfied, happy clients. The goal is to clear the small intestines and colon of impacted material and improve their functions of assimilation, absorption and elimination. This is an important first step in establishing good health. The average person has six to twelve pounds of putrefacation rotting away in their gut. Your body encases this muck in mucus to keep itself from Instruction for Use: It is important to take Colosan on an empty stomach and wait an hour and a half before eating anything else. Colosan can be taken 2, 3 or more times a day for an initial cleansing period of 4 to 7 days. After the initial cleansing period, Colosan can be taken once or twice weekly for maintenance. In general it breaks down that men take Colosan once a week and women prefer to take it twice weekly. There is an informal Colosan Club of people who take it every Monday morning to atone for what they have done over the weekend. We call it "The Push". Most people find it practical to take Colosan at 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. or when they first wake up. Another convenient time is around five or six in the afternoon when the typical individual gets home from a days activity. At this time of day the stomach is empty and a person is likely to be doing things around the house and preparing a meal. This affords Colosan the necessary amount of time to clear the stomach and begin its work in the digestive tract. A third convenient time for taking Colosan is right before going to bed. At this hour the stomach is usually empty and Colosan can effect its gentle cleansing action.
  • Powder: Put one teaspoon of Colosan in an 8 to 12 ounce glass of water, stir thoroughly and drink. Then, in the same glass, squeeze the juice of one half lemon or pour one ounce of apple cider vinegar and drink that. There is no flavor to Colosan, but it does have a chalky taste. Heres a tip for big babies. Add some water and a dash of honey to the lemon juice. This "lemonade" will wash out the chalky taste. The lemon or vinegar will assist the hydrochloric acid in your stomach in liberating the oxygen from the Colosan.
  • Capsules:
    • Stool Softener: 1-3 capsules/day
    • 7-Day Colon Cleanse: 6 capsules 3 X per day for an initial cleansing period of 7 days.
Indications: Arthritis, weight loss, parasites, constipation, irregularity, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, irritable bowel, colitis, lazy bowel, Crohns, leaky bowel, leaky gut, toxicity, indigestion, poor digestion.

Contains: proprietary blend of magnesium oxides.

Available in 2 Sizes: 200g powder (~6 month supply) & 90 veggie capsules(900mg each).

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