Watercolors Nail Polish by Honeybee Gardens

Watercolors Nail Polish by Honeybee Gardens


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Back by popular demand! For those who want an alternative to solvent-based nail enamel, we've got the solution for you! Our unique water-based polish is totally odor-free! No more nasty fumes. But perhaps best of all, there's also no need for toxic smelly nail polish remover - this product removes with rubbing alcohol, or vodka/grain alcohol! Thanks to our new patented technology, there's nothing else like it on the market! Available in 25 Shades:
  1. Abyss: Black Matte
  2. Burlesque: sultry sparkly ruby fuschia. Honeybee changed Moulin Rouge's name to Burlesque.
  3. Clear: Shiny base & top coat (looks cloudy white in bottle, but dries clear).
  4. Camelot: Warm red sparkle
  5. Cherokee: Chocolate Matte
  6. Desire: Warm brick matte
  7. Destiny: Pink nude frost
  8. Fairy Dust: pale sparkling frosty pink
  9. Goddess: Pink/plum sparkle
  10. Hippie Chick: Matte Lavender
  11. Manicure White: Matte white
  12. Mocha Latte: creamy pale frosty brown with a silver cast
  13. Oasis: Saphire Shimmer
  14. San Francisco: frosty shimmery peachy pink with a silver cast
  15. Tuscany: frosty shimmering grape with silvery pink undertones
  16. Whisper: Sheer pink matte
  17. Wildfire: Red Matte
  18. Valentine: Medium pink matte
  19. Vintage Merlot: Deep matte wine
  20. Renaissance: Burgundy Shimmer - DISCONTINUED by HBG
  21. Risque: Matte berry red - DISCONTINUED by HBG
  22. Romance: smokey matte plum - DISCONTINUED by HBG
  23. Shiny Penny: Copper Sparkle - CLEARANCE SHADE DISCONTINUED by HBG
  24. Manhattan: Red with gold flecks - CLEARANCE SHADE DISCONTINUED by HBG
  25. Nude Beach: Matte nude - DISCONTINUED by HBG
  26. Serenity: Sheer nude matte - DISCONTINUED by HBG
  27. Tease: Grape Shimmer - CLEARANCE SHADE DISCONTINUED by HBG
  1. Start with clean dry bare nails. Apply two coats of polish, allowing polish to dry between coats (~5 minutes).
  2. Length of Wear: It's rare we ever hear that Honeybee polish doesn't last long enough. However, if you find the polish isn't wearing as long as expected, the problem probably comes back to application. We recommend that you try to polish your nails at night if possible. Though our polish is tack free in no time, it takes longer to cure at the molecular level than traditional polish. So the longer you give it to set up without exposure to water, etc., the better it will wear. That being said, everyone wears polish differently. How long the polish lasts on you also depends on your body chemistry, daily activities and environmental exposure. Applying a clear top coat can extend the wear of polish. We also recommend a base clear coat under our darker colors such as Vintage Merlot, Risque and Desire.
  3. To remove polish: Use HBG's Odorless Nail Polish Remover, Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover, or rubbing alcohol (found at your local grocery store or pharmacy) or Everclear grain alcohol (ethanol) found at your local liquor store. Dab polish remover/alcohol on nails with a cotton ball or Q-tip, let soak for at least two minutes, rub gently until polish is fully removed. Repeat when necessary. Wash hands with soap and water. Mainstream (acetone-based) nail polish remover will not work.
    Removal Tip: Our customers have reported great success with using essential oils to remove the HBG Nail Polish. You can use an essential oil foot bath to soak your toes/hands for about 30 mins in warm water & then rub off polish with a dry cloth. Or you can drop some essential oils (ex: lavender) directly on the polished nail itself and rub to remove it. It takes a little bit of work, but it is a much healthier option.
Polish Contains: water, water-miscible acrylic acid, polyurethane film formers and thickeners (soy-based), non-ionic soaps (coconut-based). May Contain: iron oxides and/or titanium dioxide (Only Romance, Valentine, and Hippie Chick contain titanium dioxide). This product does not meet our strict chemical-free standards, but we are frequently asked about safer alternatives to traditional nail polish. These watercolor polishes are the safest colored nail polish we could find. They don't have an odor and compared to traditional nail polish have very low volatile organic chemical (VOCs) emissions. They are free of the major chemical bad guys like toluene, dibutyl phthalate, xylene, & formaldehyde. Click here to read our Nail Polish Review.

Size: 0.5 fl oz Glass Container (w/ nail polish brush inside lid)

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