Brave - Chypre Botanical Perfume by Miessence - CLEARANCE SALE!!

Brave - Chypre Botanical Perfume by Miessence - CLEARANCE SALE!!

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Product Description

Chypre Botanical Perfume Redolent of the forest floor with a heart of delicate woods and earthy mosses complemented by a fresh, citrus bouquet. Assert the complexity thatís uniquely you; alluring, charismatic and sensual; vibrant, earthy and green.

    Recall the vibrant, rich harmony of forest havens. Energetic and alluring, yet calm and deep. The abundant earthiness of vetiver imbues the calm, reassuring strength of Mother Earth. Warm and spicy, the aroma of sandalwood imbues the quiet strength and stability of the great trees – offering a higher perspective from which to view life. The magnetic, ethereal note of oak moss is both intriguing and impressive. And cedarwood, with its delicate woody aroma, connects to your sense of courage and strength. Calming yet refreshing, like a grove of citrus trees, sparkling fresh at dawn. The sharpness of bergamot, orange and lemon infuse their energy into the spirit and reassure the soul. Irresistible and effervescent, with a calm, sensual, strength that is undeniably charismatic.

For when you want to feel... daring, strong, reassured, primordial, creative, courageous, stable, exuberant, charming, sensual, intriguing, impressive, quiet, persuasive, alluring, energetic, enticing, charismatic, magnetic, calm

Aromatic Notes:
  • Top Notes: Italian lemon, orange and bergamot.
  • Heart Notes: Italian orange blossom, Madagascan ylang ylang.
  • Base Notes: Madagascan vetiver, Australian sandalwood, Macedonian oakmoss.
Recommendations for use: For a lingering aromatic experience, apply your perfume to the body's pulse points: wrist, neck, cleavage and behind the ears. Our perfumes interact and blend with your individual body chemistry, creating your own unique fragrance that evolves over time.

Contains: certified organic jojoba seed oil, certified organic parfum (proprietary blend of organic and natural botanical extracts, absolutes, and essential oils). 98.5% Organic Product.

Available in 2 Sizes: 0.03 fl oz (1 ml) Trial size and 0.3 fl oz (10 ml) Full size [shown above].

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