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  Tetrasil: FAQ (from the manufacturer)  

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Product Q&A

 •  What's in Tetrasil?
 •  What is Silver Oxide?
     How is this different from Colloidal Silver?

 •  Is this safe?
 •  Is the product FDA approved?
 •  Does this really work?
 •  How long does it take to work?
 •  Your product seems expensive. Why is that?
 •  How can one cream be so useful for so
     many purposes?

Applying Tetrasil

 •  How do I know if I am allergic to Tetrasil?
 •  Can I apply Tetrasil to my face? What about acne?
 •  Can I go out into the sun after applying Tetrasil?
 •  Will Tetrasil stain or discolor my skin?
 •  Can I apply Tetrasil to my scalp?


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What's in Tetrasil?

Tetrasil is made from natural Jojoba Oil, Organic Wax, Essential Oils, and Silver Oxide (TsT). These natural and nurturing properties combine to form a moisturizing and soothing ointment for the skin that is truly unique and effective.

What is Silver Oxide? How is this different from Colloidal Silver?

Silver Oxide (TsT) is one of the key ingredients that makes Tetrasil cream unique.

The strong multi-valent bonds between the silver and oxygen ions in the TsT molecule make it extremely stable and will not bond to normal skin cells.  In contrast, one of the concerns with Colloidal Silver is the possibility that excessive ingestion will lead to free silver molecules bonding with healthy skin tissue and organs. Such excess can lead to a medical condition known as Argyria where skin and tissue is discolored with a blue hue.

TsT is unique in that it requires a chemical trigger to release its Silver ions, the only such triggers on the skin or external structures are in fact those on the surfaces of the harmful pathogens themselves! These pathogens, actual bacterial, viral and fungal structures, have a "common chemical denominator" exposed along their outer membrane, a Nitrogen based receptor. These receptors in various degrees of exposure and frequency, depending on the type of pathogen, will trigger a reaction with the TsT molecules. This "Electron Jump" is part of the electrocution process of the triggering pathogen. The silver ions will then "chelate" or bond with the triggering pathogen, electrocuting it further, and causing its death. The freed oxygen also speeds the demise of the pathogen while aiding new skin growth.

Marantech Holding LLC holds patents related to TsT and its related family of compounds. Aidance Skincare & Topical Solutions LLC has exclusively licensed these compounds from Marantech for use in skincare. You will not find the power of TsT or the uniquely combined ingredients of Tetrasil in any other product line that is not licensed from Aidance.

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Is this safe?

Many of the ingredients in Tetrasil have been used by generations for their soothing and healing properties. Silver in proper amounts and usage has also been known by naturopaths, homeopaths and other healers for its germicidal and therapeutic benefits. In fact, the use of silver in wound and burn dressings, developed by Argentum Research, was approved by the FDA.  Colloidal silver, its ingestion in particular, however has not been approved and the FDA cites strong concerns about internal toxicity and the absence of rigorous studies.

Importantly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did evaluate and approve TsT in another product for use to disinfect swimming pool water. In fact, the EPA awarded TsT its highest safety ranking - a "Category (4) Four." At Aidance, we indicate that our skincare products are for topical (external) use only. The amount of TsT in Tetrasil is well below the concentrations in the EPA safety studies.                        

Is the product FDA approved?

As a cosmetic product, Tetrasil is governed by voluntary guidelines established between the FDA and the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association (CTFA). Here, products are "intended for the cleansing, beautifying and moisturizing of the human body." Hence, Tetrasil is, as we promote it, a "All-Natural Silver + Oxygen Skin Cream.”  We do not make curative claims. Still, many customers with a variety of skin conditions tell us they have benefited from its soothing, moisturizing and other properties.

Does this really work?

As we have indicated, Aidance intends the product be used as a skin cream chiefly for cleansing and beautifying the skin. Still, the anti-pathogenic and germicidal properties of one of its main ingredients TsT (anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial) have been recognized and documented by 14 reputable and independent Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Furthermore, we have a very liberal return policy where customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, yet we receive very few returns.

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How long does it take to work?

For certain conditions, some customers report feeling relief upon initial application. For other conditions, customers tell us it can be a few days until they feel and see improvement in their skin.

Your product seems expensive. Why is that?

At Aidance, we use only the finest natural ingredients, combined with our patented TsT, to make Tetrasil. We could use lesser grade ingredients, such as petrolatum, to lower our costs and pricing. But we feel that investing in the best ingredients creates the best product. Our high customer satisfaction levels and sales growth confirm this philosophy.  

How can one cream be so useful for so many purposes?

Both Marantech and Aidance have spent years researching, developing and patenting the use of a very powerful family of molecules that have been termed "Electron Jumping Compounds®" or "EJCs."  These exhibit extremely potent and diverse capabilities. The TsT in Tetrasil is one of those very powerful compounds. When blended with Jojoba oil, organic wax and essential oils, Tetrasil is a terrific multi-purpose skin conditioner.

Applying Tetrasil

How do I know if I am Allergic to Tetrasil?

The most common potential allergen is TsT--a silver-oxide compound. Basically, if you can wear silver jewelry without getting a rash, it is unlikely you will have a problem. The other all natural ingredients in Tetrasil--Jojoba oil, organic wax, and essential oils--have even rarer allergenic effects. Please consult your healthcare professional for all medical issues, including advice on potential allergens.

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Can I apply Tetrasil to my face? What about Acne?

We recommend that you should cover any exposed areas that may come in contact with direct sunlight. Newly applied ointment can yellow or brown with such exposure. Individuals may find that nightly applications are one way to ensure absorption before sunlight exposure.

Can I go out into the Sun after applying Tetrasil?

We recommend that you cover exposed areas that may come in contact with direct sunlight. Should Tetrasil yellow or darken with exposure to sunlight, it can be washed off. Despite discoloration, Tetrasil is still safe and effective.

Will Tetrasil stain or discolor my skin?

Your skin will not be stained. As long as you gently rub in the cream, it will turn nearly clear. Repeated users with fair skin may see some very tiny grey TsT particles on the applied areas. These can be removed with soap and water. As indicated above, Tetrasil is not a form of ingestible colloidal silver. Therefore, possible concerns of Argyria (and the bluing of skin tissue) do not apply. Please also see preceding FAQ section about sun exposure.

Can I apply Tetrasil to my scalp?

Customers have used Tetrasil on the scalp. Individuals with a full head of hair should take care not to apply an excessive amount.

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