Pure Complexion's All-Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Guide

  Due to our large selection of chemical-free anti-aging products, many of our customers report feeling a little over whelmed with choices. This guide helps organize the type of anti-aging products we offer.

In addition to a good facial cleanser and toner a typical anti-aging regime includes a product from each of the below anti-aging categories;
  I. Prevention: Sun exposure causes an estimated 85% of all premature aging symptoms. Overall, it is your daily sun exposure, not your periodic sunbathing, that contributes the most skin damaging effects. By simply wearing a sunscreen or sun block everyday you can dramatically reduce your susceptibility to premature aging. 

Sun blocks: Our all-natural non-hydrogenated sunscreens use physical sunscreen ingredients to block harmful UVB and UVA light. Physical sunscreens are the best solution for sensitive or allergy-prone skin. They work by using finely ground minerals to reflect light off your skin, instead of using irritating synthetic chemicals that react on your skin to neutralize and absorb UV light.

  • Devita Solar Protection SPF 30 Normal & Oily Skin. (Top Seller) - Our best-selling facial sunscreen. It utilizes rhatany extracts and micronized zinc oxide to protect against UVA & UVB light. It is a great formula that is ideal for all skin types, but is specially formulated for blemish prone skin.
  • Moisture Tints SPF 15 by Devita Normal & Oily Skin. (NEW) - Combo produt - Our best-selling facial sunscreen (Devita Solar Protection) is combined with mineral makeup, to produce an awesome Tinted Moisturizer.
  • Solar Rx Sunblock SPF 30+ by Keys Soap Dry & Normal Skin. A great facial and full body sunscreen that is designed for people at high risk for developing skin cancer. It uses nano-particle zinc oxide which is smaller than micronized zinc particles, thus offers more coverage and protection from UV light. 
  • Sun Shield Moisturizer by The Vital Image: Dry & Normal Skin. A wonderful 100% natural facial moisturizer that utilizes potent antioxidants, calcium, and magnesium minerals instead of oxide molecules to protect against solar radiation. Users compare it to an SPF 15 protection, for more protection you can apply a 2nd coat.
  II. Exfoliation: As we age, our skin cell turnover rate begins to slow, leaving us with a duller less vibrant complexion. This is especially true of sun damaged skin. Sun damaged skin has an abnormal and disorganized cell pattern which causes skin cells to turnover at an even slower rate. Regular exfoliation can improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase the absorption of lipid and hydration treatments. Although all skin types can benefit from exfoliation, it is essential for skin that is sun damaged, rough, dry, scaly, and leathery.
            Mechanical Exfoliation:  These products use granulated ingredients such as sugar, salt, jojoba esters, and organic grains to physically remove dead skin cells.
  • Advanced Face Polish by Trillium Organics All Skin Types. (Top Seller) - a delightful organic blend of beneficial essential fatty acids, cranberry oil, and sea salt. Gentle enough for daily use. 
  • Spearmint Bodywash 16 oz by Organic Excellence (New) - a dual cleanser & exfoliant in one, the gentle exfoliant soap-less system is made with certified organic: walnut husks and spearmint oils. The husks glide gently over your skin, to produce a smooth finish. While the spearmint adds an invigorating boost to your day.

          Enzyme Treatment: These products use proteolytic, protein dissolving, enzymes that work by dissolving dead skin cell buildup.
          They can sometimes be used when mechanical exfoliation is not appropriate.

  • Pumpkin Antioxidant Masque by The Vital Image - A wonderful skin reviving polish that contains all things pumpkin. An antioxidant rich living pumpkin paste is combined with raw pumpkin enzymes which masterfully dissolve dead skin cells and produce a smooth youthful glow.
  • Skin Renewal Complex by The Vital Image All Skin Types. (Top Seller) - A daily treatment that accelerates cell turn-over using living plant enzymes and extracts. This complex also contains a powerful concentration of antioxidants that are suspended in a proprietary nutrient bath, called COPS. COPS uniquely improve nutrient absorption, thus creating a potent all-around anti-aging complex.

          Alpha Hydroxy Acid Solutions: These products work by ungluing dead cells on the surface of your skin and inside your pores so they will slough off more easily.

  • Devita High Performance AHA - This popular formula uses an all-natural alpha-hydroxy acid fruit blend imported from Italy to nourish your face, reduce pore size, minimize small lines and dark spots and leave your skin smooth and polished.
  • Devita Optimal Rejuvenation - Devita's all-in one anti-aging complex. It utilizes both alpha and beta hydroxy acids, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid PLUS active amino peptides, anti-oxidants, nutrients, enzymes, and carriers to create a powerful free radical neutralizer at a very affordable price.
  • Glycolic Refining Lotion by The Vital Image - The purest AHA product we carry - no sun sensitivity or dryness.

Melanin Supressants: Used to combat hyperpigmentation (e.g. melasma (hormone related skin discolorations), lentigines (liver spots), postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (healed acne and eczema spots), and freckles).

  • Devita Skin Brightening Serum - Utilizes kojic acid to dramatically reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and evens out skin tone without chemically bleaching your skin.
  III. Antioxidant Therapy: Although antioxidant such as vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed extract, and green tea are effective in improving the health of your skin and reducing the visible signs of aging, the mechanism by which they do this is still unclear. Many scientist believe that antioxidants interfere with the inflammation cascade by reducing the number of free radicals that can injure or dissolve collagen and elastin fibers. Healthy collagen and elastin integrity is essential for smooth and youthful looking skin. Damaged and aging skin is in dire need of topical antioxidant nutrition. Our nutrient creams are chemical-free, and as such, are dramatically more therapeutic than any conventional skin care product on the market.
  IV. Lipid Products and Hydrators: Since sun damaged skin loses its ability to hold water, using skin care products that contain lipids will help hold your skin cells together and improve its overall hydration status. In order to enhance hydration, moisturizing products also contain hydrating ingredients that attract water to the skin.  Vegetable glycerin and sodium PCA are examples of natural hydrating ingredients.  Fully hydrated skin is smooth and firm, and has a much lower potential for inflammation than dehydrated skin.
            Facial Blends:
  • Phyto Hydrator by The Vital Image (Top Seller) - a wonderful super hydrating nutrient spray that has endless uses. We use it all the time to thin some of our creamier formulations when we require lighter application. Apply just prior to moisturizer (lipid product) to lock moisture into the skin.
  • Night Revitalizer Creme by Real Purity (Top Seller) - A rich blend of lipids, hydrating ingredients, and antioxidants to create a super moisturizing nighttime cream cocktail. Excellent for dry skin.
  • Devita 65 % Hyaluronic Acid SeruGel - For Dry Skin. Intensive dry skin therapy, that plumps and hydrates to achieve a more youthful dimension.
  • Silk Protein Formula by Organic Excellence -  (Top Seller) For Dry to Normal skin. A fabulous product that will soften even the driest complexions.

Eye & Throat Blends:

  • Eye and Throat Creme by Real Purity (Top Seller) - This wonderful all-natural blend improves the appearance of under eye circles with arnica and azulene extracts and introduces botanical elastin and collagen fibers to help rebuild aging tissue. It creates a fabulously smooth and soft under eye area.
  • Devita UnderEye Repair Serum - This under eye complex contains Hesperiden for increased moisturization and Astaxanthin, a powerful new anti-oxidant breakthrough, and the highest allowable and effective level of Vitamin K to assist in increasing circulation to the area.
  • Eye Butter by Keys Soap (Top Seller) For Dry to Normal Skin. - A rich day and night eye cream. This formulation contains moisturizing shea butter, soothing aloe vera, therapeutic cucumber extracts, and exotic oils to smooth and nourish delicate under eye tissue.
  • Eye Area Builder by The Vital Image Hydrates and nourishes delicate eye tissue with super nutrients like bee pollen and avocado.
  • Wow Oil by The Vital Image The name says it all! Improves: Loose eyelids, Undereye wrinkles, Drooping cheeks, Overall tone and texture of your skin.

Body Blends:

  • Nourishing Body Milk by The Vital Image  -Designed for women who want supple youthful looking skin EVERYWHERE.  This fabulous body lotion is a moisturizing nutrient-rich miracle for aging and damaged body skin.
  • Organic Body Polish by Trillium Organics: This amazing body polish is extremely addictive. Available in 6 solvent-free scents! Try me sizes also available.

  V. Avoidance of Irritation: Aging is the result of an accumulation of skin tissue damage caused by chronic irritations. By avoiding chronic skin irritation you are also preventing free radical damage and premature aging. Below is a list of common irritants to avoid in order to prevent further skin damage.
  1. Sun Exposure - see above sunblock options.
  2. Synthetic Chemical Ingredients - All of the products at Pure Complexions are free of irritating chemical ingredients. Simply by shopping with us, you are benefiting from yet another anti-aging strategy.
  Anti-Aging Trial and Combination Packs:

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