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About Our Protocols: Our hormone protocols aim to restore health and prevent illness by helping to control and reverse the damage caused by chronic stress. These protocols, integrating the BioMatrix and Bezwecken hormones with other effective products, have helped thousands of patients.

The efficacy of these protocols has been confirmed by pre- and post- testing in numerous clinical practices. We rely upon testing performed by BioHealth, Genova Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics, and many more Labs for data to construct protocol guidelines, monitor therapies, and validate outcomes.

How We Help:

Step 1: New Client Consultation. All of our new clients must start with a New Client Consultation.

  • In your new client consultation appointment, Amber Conway will review your history with you, clarify your health goals. Based on your health goals and symptoms, Amber will make suggestions for lab work, and determine if life-style coaching is needed. Lab kits can be purchased at the end of the new client consult. New Clients are given access to the Consulting areas of our website, which include educational materials, detailed lab info, and professional supplements that are not available to the general public.
    Allow 45 - 60 minutes for this consultation.
  • Required Forms:

Step 2: Order Labs: Lab options are discussed during the New Client Consult. Clients can complete most of the labs in the privacy of their own home (saliva, finger stick, urine, or stool specimens). Click here to learn more about the labs we offer.
Step 3: Follow-Up Telephone Consult: Once the labs are completed, a 30-45 min Consult is scheduled to review the results. A lab-based supplement protocol is created based on the client's goals, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional needs. Most protocols last 3-6 months. During this time, Amber usually communicates with her clients via email monthly (without extra charge) and "Sees" them every 2 months via Follow-up Telephone Consults. Click here to learn more about our Follow-up Telephone Consults.