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Food & Diet:

  Raw Milk: non-pasteurized (non-heated/non-cooked) & non-homogenized milk that is full of living enzymes, bioavailable proteins, and nutrients. Raw milk is either refrigerated or frozen immediately after milking.

Find a Raw Milk Source Near You: visit

Local farmers are the best source for raw milk. If you absolutely can't find a local farmer - then consider a mail order dairy company, like the ones posted below;

  Shippable Raw All-Natural Goat Milk Source:  
  • Split Creek Farm (South Carolina): Split Creek supplies raw goat milk year round and ships it all over the country. They ship via UPS are have very reasonable rates. They will even automatically ship out your milk so you don't have to worry about reordering every month. Their award winning goats are in amazing health & are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics. They are fed organic grain, hay, and graze on herbicide-free/pesticide-free grass pastures. They are essentially organic, they just don't have a USDA certificate. They are the best source of raw goat milk we have found that also offers shipping services. They have a 2 gallon minimum shipping rule (freeze what you don't use immediately). As of this posting they charge $5 per half gallon. Their contact info: or (864) 287-3921. They prefer that you email them first, to request raw goat milk info, once you receive the goat milk sheet, call them to place your order.
    • It is best to drink raw 100% grass-fed organic goat milk, but if you don't have access to this pristine quality, it is far better to drink raw all-natural grain & grass-fed goat milk (like the kind found at Split Creek) than the pasteurized (heated) organic 100% grain-fed goat milk found in most health food stores.
    • Please e-mail us if you've found a U.S. raw 100% grass-fed organic goat milk farm that offers shipping services and we'll post it here!.
  Shippable Raw 100% Grass-fed Organic Cow Milk Source:  
  • Organic Pastures (California): Organic Pastures supplies raw cow milk, raw cream, raw butter, raw kefir, and raw colostrum year round and ships all over the country only to California. Effective Jan 2009, Federal law prohibits Organic Pastures from shipping raw milk products outside of California. To get more information on this shipping restriction, please read OP's Legal Notice on Shipping Out of State. OP is currently negotiating with the FDA to be allowed to ship "pet" foods out of state, but is currently unable to do so.
  Kefir (Kephir or Kefyr): [pronounced keh-fear] a cultured milk beverage loaded with gut recolonizing probiotics.
  To learn all about Kefir visit: Dom's Kefir Site (Australia)
Be sure to checkout out his Kefir FAQ page.
  Other great kefir & cultured vegetable resources: The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates & Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon  

To buy Organic Kefir Grains:

  • visit - he sells very active kefir cultures and also has excellent kefir information on his site. We have purchased from him many times.
  • visit and search for "organic kefir".


Other Resources: