PayPal Related FAQ

Q1: What is PayPal?

  • Paypal is a a secure online payment service which caters to both individuals and businesses. With PayPal you can send and receive money online using your credit card, debit card, or bank account. Plus PayPal allows customers to use their credit card online without exposing their financial information to merchants.

Q2: Is PayPal free?

  • Yes, it's free to sign up for a PayPal account or to send money to friends and family. You can also transfer funds from your bank accounts to your PayPal account at no charge.

Q3: I'm an international customer, do I have to pay via PayPal?

  • Yes, for security reasons all international customers must use PayPal to process their payments.

Q4: What if I don't have a PayPal account?

  • You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal to process your credit card payment. Once you select “Payment via PayPal” and click “Complete Order” our system will take you to PayPal’s website. Once you are at PayPal there is a link on the bottom right hand corner, that says. “Pay with debit, or credit card” (see purple arrow in screen shot below). On the next screen you will enter your credit card info as you normally would.


Q5: If I select PayPal echeck as my PayPal payment method - will it delay the processing of my order?

  • Yes, PayPal echeck may cause a delay. We do not ship orders until payment is received. PayPal echecks take 3-5 business days to clear. Orders paid via PayPal echeck will ship as soon as the check clears.

Q6: I have a PayPal acount, but PayPal won't allow me to pay via credit card. What can I do?

  • According to Paypal: "If you have a PayPal account, you can choose your credit card as your
    payment method. However, if there is enough money in your PayPal balance to cover the payment,
    your credit card may not be a funding option for that payment."
    • So if you still want to pay via credit card, you have a couple options;
      • In another window, go to and login to your account. Confirm that you
        have a positive account balance. Then "withdraw" the funds (choose any method you
        prefer). Once your PayPal account balance is lower than the payment you are trying to
        make, your credit card should show up as a payment option again when you are
        checking out of any store.
      • The second option is; If you are a domestic (USA) customer, you can choose another
        non-PayPal payment option directly from the Pure Complexions checkout screens
        (ex: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). If you are an International
        customer, you can bypass your PayPal account altogether. See next question;

Q7: I am an international customer and have a PayPal account, but I don't want to use my account for this order. What can I do?

1. During checkout, once you choose your shipping method and select "Pay via PayPal" as your Payment Method. Click "Complete Order".

2. The system will ask you to review your order and when you are ready, click "Complete Order". You will now be directed to the PayPal website.

3. Once you're at the PayPal website, click the "Pay with an online bank account, debit, or credit card or PayPal Credit" link located in the lower right column. See above screen shot located under Q4;

4. In the next screen, input your credit card info and click "Review Order and Continue". Do not login to your PayPal account. See below screen shot;

5. If PayPal recognizes your email address or your credit card info, it may prompt you to login, but you can easily click "Continue without logging in." See below screen shot;


Q8: If I want to change payment options, how do I get out of the PayPal checkout screens without losing my Pure Complexions order?

  • Most PayPal checkout screens contain a link that says "Return to Pure Complexions."
    The link is usually located in the lower left hand corner of the PayPal screen. Once you
    are back at Pure Complexions, you can click "Checkout" again and select a new payment

Q9: I have a paypal account and am paying via paypal, but I can't chage my "ship to" address in paypal? What can I do?

  • Not to worry. For order shipping we use the "Ship to" address you inputted on our website's checkout screens, not the one listed in your paypal account. So it doesn't matter if paypal has a different shipping address listed for you. We use the first shipping address you gave us when filling out your customer information.