January News
by Pure Complexions

Happy New Years!

10% Off New Year Coupon
Type the coupon code "new2012" (without quotations) during checkout and get an additional 10% off almost everything in the store! Offer expires Feb 2nd 2012. Please note that the coupon code is one word, thus there is no space between "new" and "2012". Coupon not valid for Gift Certificate purchases, Reward Membership purchases, Consultation Fees or any product listed below; Real Purity Deodorant (RPD), Real Purity Toothpaste (RPT), Real Purity Hair Spray (RPHH & RPAFH), Maxim Cotton Products: (OECB, OECR, & OECS), PRL: Aloe Drink (504-0135), Rejuvenate (504-4410 & 504-4411), Coconut Oil (504-1337), Coffee (504-2431), Enema Bucket (504-5000), Ginger Chews (504-4409), Laundry Powder (504-3381), Nutritional Flakes (504-4670), Olive Oil (504-4520), Oxygen Bleach (504-3385), Peppermints (504-4980), Pink Salt (504-4680), Propolis Lozenges (504-4713), PRL Shampoo (504-3500), Vintage Vinegar (504-2932), White Gold Honey (504-4704).

Our Top 12 Sellers for 2011 (out of 1500+ products):

  1. Face and Body Wash by The Vital Image
  2. Grime Fighter by The Vital Image
  3. Colostrum Repair Cream by PRL
  4. Hair Renewal Shampoo by The Vital Image
  5. Roll-On Deodorant by Real Purity
  6. Mascara by Real Purity - Black
  7. Devita Daytime Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30
  8. Mint Tooth Paste by Miessence
  9. Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion by Keys
  10. D3 Serum by PRL (login to view)
  11. Island Rx Shampoo by Keys
  12. Max B-ND by PRL (login to view)

Best Regards

The Pure Complexions Team

Coupon FAQ:

  1. Can I request a coupon discount on orders placed before Jan 18th? Sorry, the coupon is only valid for orders placed between Jan. 18th and Feb. 2nd. If you'd like to plan ahead next time, you are welcome to email us at: to ask what month the next newsletter is expected to launch. Please note: Exact launch dates are usually kept secret.

  2. If I placed an order on Jan. 18th (before I saw the newsletter coupon), is it too late to apply the coupon to my order? No, if the order was dated "Jan 18th", it is not too late. To get the credit, please email us at to request a "new2012" coupon credit. If your order has already been processed/shipped, we can issue a store credit to your payment method.

  3. When exactly does the coupon expire? The coupon will be automatically deactivated at 12:01 am EST on Feb 3rd 2012.

  4. Can I use the coupon more than once? Yes. Customers can use the coupon on any order(s) placed between Jan. 18th and Feb 2nd.
  5. How do I redeem the coupon? During checkout, you'll see a coupon section (located above the gift certificate box). Type "new2012" (without quotations) in the coupon box and click the "Redeem Coupon" button. Once you click the button, you should see the coupon discount immediately apply itself to your order. If for some reason you cannot get the coupon code to work, type a message in the "Special Order Instructions" box that says "please manually apply new2012 coupon to this order".

New Products:

More products coming soon!!!