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Pure Rewards Membership
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last updated 09/25/14


Membership Discounts


Pure Rewards Membership Graph

  1. Platinum:
    • Receive a 15.0% automatic discount on qualifying products.
    • To qualify you need $1300 Total Purchases.
    • Designed for our most loyal customers.
  2. Gold:
  3. Silver:
  4. Bronze:
    • Entry level. Customers are automatically enrolled in the bronze level once they create an account.
    • Receive a 2.5% automatic discount on qualifying products.
    • System starts to keep track of your purchase history.
    • When tracked purchases reach $300, account is upgraded to the Silver level.

  Pure Rewards Purchase Tracker
  • Our system keeps track of your purchase history.
  • When your total accumulated purchases reach 300 (for the silver membership), 600 (for the gold membership), and 1300 (for the platinum membership) you will be automatically upgraded to the next membership level for FREE.

  Pure Rewards FAQ
  • Q: Which products do not qualify for the Pure Rewards Discounts?
    A: Some of our manufacturers have pricing restrictions that prevent us from offering further discounts. The following products do not qualify for any Pure Rewards Discounts:

    • All Sample Sizes
    • All Badger products.
    • All UV Natural Sunscreen products.
    • All Trillium Organics Products [effective 01/20/09].
    • Vitalzym & VitalzymX
    • Real Purity Deodorant, Hair Spray, & Tooth Paste.
    • All Maxim Cotton products (cotton swabs, cotton rounds, cotton balls)
    • All Great Lakes Gelatin products.
    • Pure Complexions Gift Certificates.
    • Membership Upgrade Purchases
    • All Pure Complexions Consulting fees (Telephone, Email, Zyto Visits)
    • All Pure Complexions Consulting Laboratory Tests (Saliva, Urine, Blood Spot, Etc...)
    • All Integrative Therapeutics Products.
    • All Thorne Research Products.
    • All Pure Encapsulations products.
    • All Designs for Health products.
    • All Nutri-Meds products.
    • All Premier Research Labs (PRL) products: Including but not limited to...

      • Aloe Drink (504-0135)
      • Black Cherry Rejuvenate (504-4410)
      • Coconut Oil, Premier (504-1337)
      • Coffee, Premier Organic (504-2431)
      • Enema Bucket (504-5000)
      • Ginger Chews, Premier (504-4409)
      • Laundry Powder, Q-Kleen (504-3381)
      • Nutritional Flakes (504-4670)
      • Olive Oil, Premier Moroccan (504-4520)
      • Oxygen Bleach, Q-Kleen (504-3385)
      • Peppermints, St. Claires (504-4980)
      • Pink Salt (504-4680)
      • Propolis Lozenges, Premier (504-4713)
      • Pomegranate Rejuvenate (504-4411)
      • Shampoo, Premier (504-3500*)
      • Vintage Vinegar, Premier (504-2932)
      • White Gold Honey, Raw (504-4704)

    Please note that manufacturers can change their policies at any time, so we reserve the right to change this list at any time.

  • Q: Which products do qualify for the Pure Rewards Discounts?
    A: Approximately 90% of Pure Complexions products qualify for a Pure Rewards Discount. If the product is not listed in the above exclusion list, it qualifies for a Pure Rewards Discount.
  • Q: How do I create an account to start earning points (Bronze Membership)?
    A: Just create an account by either clicking on the Account button (located on the purple bar at the top of every screen in our store) or Customer Sign in link (located on the category tree on the left hand side of this screen).
    Your account page will indicate your Bronze Membership status after your first purchase.
  • Q: How do I upgrade to Silver or Gold Membership?
    A: You can upgrade your account one of two ways:

    1. Paid Memberships: Click here to purchase membership upgrades. After you purchase the upgrade, your account will immediately reflect your new discount. Please note: Paid memberships are not refundable.
    2. Automatic Point Upgrades:
             Ex: When your purchase history reaches $300, the system will automatically upgrade your account to the Silver Level.
             This automatic upgrade will not take effect until AFTER your 300th dollar purchase has been submitted. So, if your first order is over $300 - you will not get the Silver membership discount until your 2nd order with us.  
  • Q: Once I'm a silver, gold, or platinum level member, how is my shopping experience different?
    A: Once you become a silver or higher member, the prices of each qualifying product will automatically change to reflect your member level discount. For example: once silver members login, each qualifying product will be adjusted to 5% off the retail value. The store displays both the retail value and the member price for your convenience.

  • Q: How do I know my discount has been applied?
    A: Once you login, the first screen to appear will display which membership level is active. Next, to see the discounted price, click on any qualifying product's detail page (click on the product link or picture to view the detail page). If the product qualifies for a discount you will see 2 prices posted; 

    • Gold Member Example:
      Regular Price: $24.95
      Member Price: $22.46

      You Save: 10.00% 

  • Q: Do I have to login to my account to get my reward discounts?
    A: Yes. You must login to the same user account that holds the the reward membership. When placing another order, if you don't login or try to create a new account you will not receive your reward discounts. We are unable to transfer purchase histories to different account, thus you'll lose your reward discount for that order.

  • Q: Do I have to be a Silver Member to purchase a Gold Upgrade?
    A: No, any membership level can purchase a Gold membership for $24.99.
  • Q: Can you purchase a Platinum Membership?
    A: No, only our most loyal customers can earn a Platinum level membership. Members must accumulate 1300 annual reward points to automatically upgrade to Platinum status.

  • Q: How can I tell what level I am at?
    A: Login to your account, by clicking Customer Sign In or the Account Button located toward the top of each page of our website. Once you login, your Membership Status will display on the Account Options page, which will automatically appear after you login.

  • Q: I forgot to login to my account when I placed my order. Can you manually apply my membership discount to my order?
    A: Unfortunately, we do not apply discounts to orders manually. It is the responsibility of the customer to login to their Reward Member account in order to receive the discount. If you have any questions about your login details, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


  • Q: Do I still get my membership discount if I place a phone order?
    A: Yes and No. Our website (alone) keeps track of your purchase history and manages your reward status. So if you place a telephone order, we can apply your existing discount to the phone order, but the phone order cannot be applied to your reward purchase history (which allows you to upgrade to the next discount level). Unfortunately our two systems (website software and phone order software) do not talk to each other. So if you prefer to place a phone order, please let your customer service agent know you are an existing Reward Member (so they can apply your discount).

  • Q: I don't like using my credit card over the internet. I prefer to give my credit card info over the phone. Is there anyway to participate in the reward program this way?
    A: Yes. If you place an order on the website and select, "check" as your payment method. Then type, "will call with credit card info later today" in the special instructions box. On the next screen, when the website asks for your check number simply write, "123" and submit your order. This way, you will get to particpate in our reward program and also keep your credit card info safer. We will hold your order until you call in with payment info.

We reserve the right to change or update our reward program at any time.

Please Contact us with any other Pure Rewards questions.