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Our Consulting Services


We offer the following Services to support client wellness:

  • Laboratory-based assessments
  • Nutritional supplement and Bio-Identical Hormone programs
  • Diet and lifestyle counseling, including weight loss

Getting Started - The New Client Consultation - $125

The place to begin is to schedule an initial consultation appointment with Amber Conway.  This visit is completed over the phone.  In this visit, Amber Conway will review with you, your complete history and also identify the main goals that you are looking to achieve.  You will have an opportunity to have an open conversation about expectations and she will determine the best strategy to help you or your family. 

New Client Forms

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Lab Assessments - $155 to $399

Take the guesswork out of health!

We offer a wide range of testing options to address your specific health concerns

  1. Adrenal Hormone and Sex Hormone Testing
  2. Digestive Tract Testing (Pathogens: Bacteria, Yeast, Parasites, etc)
  3. Detoxification Testing
  4. Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Gene Testing
  5. Thyroid Testing

Home Test Kit
Home Test Kit

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Lab-Based Nutritional Supplement and Bio-identical Hormone Program

After Hormone Labs are completed, our practitioners provide a customized Nutritional Supplement and Bio-identical Hormone Regime. Each supplement program lasts for 2 - 6 months (as determined by your practitioner). After the 2 - 6 months, another Follow-up Telephone Consult will be conducted to track your progress and to make adjustments to your Nutritional Program.

Each customized supplement regime may include recommendations for; bio-identical hormones (such as: dhea, pregnenolone, progesterone, estrogen), digestion support, vitamins/minerals, & and detoxification support.

Supplement Cost: Depending on the protocol created by your practitioner, the estimated total cost starts at approximately $100 and depends on the length of the program.


Follow-up Telephone Consultations - $20 to $80

Follow-up Telephone Consultation.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching - $20 to $80

During the New Client Consult, you and your practitioner will determine what coaching topics (if any) will be the most beneficial. Coaching topics include; pH monitoring, sleeping problems, dietary adjustments (blood sugar control, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets), detoxification, and many others. Coaching sessions are purchased in the form of a Follow-up Telephone Consultation.


Interference Field Testing & Detoxification

Old scars and trauma sites can potentially disrupt the nerve, blood, and lymphatic flow of neighboring organ systems and tissues.

Recommendations (in the form of mud packs) are made to detoxify these scar areas to help restore the normal nerve and energy flow.


Healthy Home Environment (EMF, Water, and Air)

An important step to support your health is by creating a healthy home environment.  Everyone needs clean air and water and a tranquil environment to sleep and regenerate within.  Without these basics, no therapy or supplementation program will work optimally.  Our practitioners review your existing filtration and remediation methods and make recommendations as appropriate.

Shower Filter
Water Filter
Air Purifer