Shipping Policy/Info
Last Updated: 05/7/22

[SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Shipping on U.S. Orders > $99]

  • Covid-19 Impact: Yes, we are still open! We are conducting all our client consultations over the phone and our staff are able to work from home when possible. However, we are seeing longer than usual USPS shipping speeds since the pandemic. Shipments are taking about 1 day longer in transit than they used to. For example, a 3-day Priority Mail...takes 4 days lately.
  • Processing Speed: Depending on workload, we try to process and ship orders within 1-4 business days of receiving payment!
  • USPS orders are shipped Monday - Friday.
  • FREE SHIPPING: U.S. Orders > $99 qualify for free USPS Ground (2-8 days) Shipping!
  • Shipping Cost: You can easily preview your total shipping cost and options by using our online shipping calculator. Just add products to your cart. Then click "My Cart" button --> Edit Cart. In the Edit Cart screen, you'll see a link that says " Shipping Estimate" - just click "Estimate" and input your country and zip code to see an accurate estimate for that order. Shipping and handling fees are based on order weight and shipping distance. Each U.S. order includes a $1.50 handling charge for 1st class mail, $2.40 for parcel post & $2.40 for priority mail. Each International Order includes a $3.40 handling fee. U.S. Orders over $99 qualify for reduced USPS Ground shipping fees.

We currently ship to:

  • Domestic (U.S.) Locations:
    • The Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, FPO / APO, Puerto Rico, & The US Virgin Islands.

      • Puerto Rico & US Virgin Island orders ship via domestic methods.
      • FPO/APO Military Base Addresses: How do I fill out the online address form correctly?
        The Dept of Defense (DoD) requests that you use the servicemember’s full name (with or without grade, rank, or rating). The unit designation and APO/FPO address with the nine-digit ZIP Code is also required. When filling out the shipping address online, type either APO [Air/Army Post Office] or FPO [Fleet Post Office] in the City blank and select the appropriate military state code from our State/Province drop down menu (AA [Armed Forces Americas], AE [Armed Forces Europe / Canada / Middle East / Africa], or AP [Armed Forces Pacific]). Make sure the shipping Country is set to: United States. Do not use the base camp’s actual city or country, as it might be routed through the host country’s mail system.

  • International Locations:
    • Australia*, Austria*, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada*, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Finland*, France*, Germany*, Greenland, Hong Kong*, India, Indonesia, Ireland*, Italy*, Netherlands*, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden*, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (Great Britain).

    • Hong Kong does not use a zip code system, so please write "N/A" in the "ship to" zip code blank during checkout.

    • *Import Restrictions: See details below;
      • Australia: Nutritional supplements containing growth hormones are restricted. No DHEA products (Rejuvenation Cream by PRL). Reference: Australia's import restrictions.
      • Austria: L-trytophane and any items having L-trytophane as an ingredient is restricted. Meltonin is prohibited (Melatonin Nano Plex by PRL).
      • Canada: Some natural ingredients are classified as a drug in Canada, thus are not allowed for import. The following ingredients are restricted: red yeast rice, velvet bean, Gotukola extract, Yohimbe bark powder, DHEA (Rejuvenation Cream by PRL), Vitamin K, Activated charcoal, Vitamin D > 1000 IU per dose (D3 Serum by PRL), Vitamin A > 10,000 IU per dose, Pregnenolone (Rejuvenation Cream by PRL), Folic acid > 1 mg per day, 1-Carnitine, Immunoglobulins (found in Colostrum) [Colostrum by PRL].
      • Finland: L-trytophane and any items having L-trytophane as an ingredient is restricted.
      • France or Germany: We cannot ship any nutritional supplements to France or Germany. Skin care products are allowed.
      • Hong Kong requires special import licensing for nutritional supplements, thus we cannot ship nutritional supplements to Hong Kong. Skin care products are fine.
      • Ireland: We cannot ship any nutritional supplements to Ireland. Skin care products are allowed.
      • Italy: Products containing L-trytophane and any items having L-trytophane as an ingredient are restricted.
      • Netherlands: Skin care products are allowed, but their are some import restrictions. Products containing DHEA (Rejuvenation Cream by PRL) and Melatonin are restricted (Melatonin Nano Plex by PRL).
      • Sweden: We cannot ship any nutritional supplements to Sweden. Skin care products are allowed.

    • We will consider other International locations on an individual basis, please contact us with inquiries.

    • We cannot ship to: China, Columbia, Greece, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, or Thailand at this time.

    • International Orders - Refused by Customs: Orders that are refused or rejected by Customs (for any reason) and are returned to sender (shipped back to us) will be eligable for a product refund. The shipping cost is not refundable. It usually takes "return to sender" packages ~2 to 3 months to get back to us. Refunds will be issued once return is received.

    • International Orders - Tarrif/Duty Fees : Tariff or duty fees are taxes levied by the receiving country's government. Our shipping prices do not include import taxes or custom fees. These fees (if applicable) are applied to your shipment when it reaches the destination country. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate import taxes or custom fees due to rate fluctuations. All import taxes and custom fees are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your local Customs office for details on how charges are applied in your location. Depending on the delivery area, your local post office may (at their discretion) deliver your package directly to the shipping address you provide, or they may send a notice for pick-up. International governments will collect the appropriate taxes and fees from you (either before or after delivery). Pure Complexions does not refund shipping fees for customers that refuse delivery. If orders are refused by customer or rejected at Customs, customers are responsible for the return shipping costs, as well as any outstanding duties, fees, tariffs or taxes.

  • Delivery Confirmation: We provide free delivery confirmation on all USPS shipments. Once your order is ready to ship, we will send you a tracking number via email.
  • Shipping Insurance:
    • U.S. Orders: We automatically insure all U.S. shipments (no charge for you).
    • International Orders: Effective 1-26-08 we will no longer automatically insure International orders. Shipping insurance is available for purchase for all Priority and Express Mail International orders during checkout. Pure Complexions is not responsible for international orders that are lost or rejected at customs. Due to a higher rate of "lost" international orders, we highly recommend that you select an insured international shipping option.
  • Shipping Materials: We use recyclable shipping supplies and reuse all packaging materials from our stock shipments.
  • Shipping Speeds: We post the average shipping speeds provided by USPS on our website. The US Post Office only guarantees shipping speeds for Domestic (U.S.A) Express Mail International shipments. All other listed shipping speeds are averages and are not guaranteed. International orders may experience delays (outside of the average transit times) when they arrive at the destination country's Customs office. USPS is not responsible for Customs delays.