Staff Favorites

Staff Favorites: We are frequently asked to share our personal skin care regimes and product favorites, so here's the skinny. We've tried everything in the store (1500 + products) and these are our favorites;

Staff Member:
Skin Type:

Sensitive - Combo (Oily/Normal)

Sensitive - Combo (Dry/Normal)

Facial Cleanser
Facial Exfoliant-Daily
Facial Toner/Prep
Facial Treatment:

Day & Night:

  1. Collagen Builder by The Vital Image Plumps skin and speeds healing.
  2. Colostrum Cream, Premier by PRL Keeps my skin clear.

Night Only: 3 thin layers of...

  1. Rejuvenation Cream by PRL I use it on my face & chest. It totally erased the fine lines on my chest from previous sun damage. Very pleased.
  2. Colostrum Cream, Premier by PRL I like this for its anti-aging support.
  3. Night Revitalizer Creme by Real Purity Lovely nectar scent - great for dry skin.
Facial Moisturizer-Day
Under Eye Cream
Body Soap
Body Polish
Bath Soak
Body Lotion
Foot Cream
Lip Balm
  • All Good Lips, Organic Original by Elemental Herbs My favorite lip balm! Perfect texture: Herbal Essence doesn�t use a lot of saturated fats in this formula (example: shea butter, coconut oil), so it stays soft in the winter months. So it is easy to apply.
Hair Styling Aid
  • Roll-On Deodorant by Real Purity or
  • Magnesium Glycinate by PRL If I am under a lot of stress and I notice that the Real Purity Deodorant isn�t as effective as it normally is for me. I start taking Magnesium Glycinate capsules with my food 3x/day. My magnesium levels can drain fairly quickly when I am stressed. Any residual body odor, usually goes away quickly once I start the magnesium.
Sun Block
First Aid