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The Vital Image goes above and beyond to offer their customers a premium organic product.

For starters, they prepare their own plant extracts & concentrates to ensure you get the highest quality.  They do not use any chemical solvents, thus their extraction process takes 3 months to a few years depending on the type of extract.  Special measures are taken to keep the temperature of their extracts below 119 degrees F to preserve their living enzymes. They use this unique cold pressed technique on all their concentrates. This is important because plant extracts that contain living enzymes are much better assimilated by the body, than their "lifeless" counterparts. The living plant extractions contain a complete nutrient profile plus phyto-chemicals: hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antibodies, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic and immune stimulating properties.  To achieve great skin you must regularly supply it with a complete profile of bio-available nutrition.

About COPS:

In order to improve nutrient absorption, The Vital Image created proprietary elements they call COPS - Charged Organic Particles that are Sub-microscopic. COPS break down the plant extract nutrients into water-soluble particles that your skin cells can absorb and use as nutrition.  They also oxygenate, set the pH, and keep the elements in a pro-biotic environment (alive) so that each ingredient is optimally activated to enhance the skin.  Their very high oxygen content also reduces the surface tension of the skin.  This allows the now water soluble plant oils to feed the skin. The COPS facilitate transport of oxygen and nutrients through the cell wall and into the cell--just as it should ideally be performed by the body itself. 

With the help of COPS you can essentially feed you skin topically. COPS also eliminate any need for chemicals (emulsifiers, detergents, and preservatives).  Thus, you get chemical-free, cruelty-free, food grade, plant based, nutrient replete food--the cornerstones to healthier, clearer, firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin.  Simply put, COPS are all natural oxygen rich particles that turn nutrient packed plant extracts and oils into water-soluble skin enhancing super-nutrient miracles.

  • What are the ingredients of COPS? COPS are chemical-free, plant derived, oxygen-rich molecules that enhance the therapeutic value of The Vital Image's product line. Their exact composition is a proprietary secret.

  • Are COPS really chemical-free? Yes, the manufacturer assures us they are chemical-free. Also, our staff uses their products with great success, many of whom are chemically sensitive. Lastly, we are aware of third party testing done on some Vital Image products, which also confirms that they are free of toxic synthetic chemicals.

  • Do COPS contain Nano Particles? NO! Nano particles are "synthetically" manufactured from the bottom up. COPS are extracts of plants with a negative spin that repel each other so that (among many functions) the product does not go rancid. As of yet, no nano particles are nutrients.

If you have problem or aging skin - you'll be nothing short of amazed with the results. WE GUARANTEE IT!! The Vital Image offers un-paralleled research and commitment to its products and its customers.  If you are not completely satisfied with their products at any time, you can return the unused bottles to Pure Complexions and get a full refund minus the cost of shipping.  This is the only product line that Pure Complexions backs 100%.

Vital Image FAQ:

I have severe chemical sensitivities, can I use Vital Image products?  Although they are a very pure line, The Vital Image uses raw solvent-free cold-pressed plant extracts, which can be very fragrant depending on the season. These potent extracts may cause problems for customers that are severely chemically sensitive (ie those that cannot tolerate solvent-free extracts and essential oils). That being said, their cleansers are generally less fragrant than their shampoo and conditioner. As always, please try samples before buying full size products.

Are TVI products pH balanced to my skin? NO. The pH of most people's skin is about 5.6. (neutral pH is 7.0). Therefore any product that is pH balanced to your skin is basically acidy and will actually "steal" oxygen from your skin - not a good idea. Younger, healthier skin characteristically is of a higher pH than older, less healthy looking skin. TVI products, on the other hand, are high in oxygen, are healthfully charged, made of totally natural herbals and are, therefore, alkaline, with pH measuring often above 8. An alkaline pH allows for a strong negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) that allows your skin to fight off free radicals.

My aesthetician told me that I don't want a cleanser that would leave my skin alkaline, but rather that would leave it at its NATURAL pH (5.5). Now I'm confused about TVI's above pH statement. Can you explain? Sure, your body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. TVI is focused on achieving the maximum anti-aging protection for your skin. Aging is primarily caused by free radical damage from a myriad of environmental factors such as solar radiation, chemical irritants, and infection. If your body contains enough antioxidants (glutathione, vitamins C and E, superoxide dismutase) it can effectively neutralize harmful free radical activity which will ultimately slow or prevent the visible signs of aging.

Unfortunately, most American diets do not contain sufficient antioxidant protection. So TVI set out to formulate a product that was potent enough to help correct these nutrient deficiencies externally. In order to formulate an enzyme-rich product with a complete phyto-nutrient profile, TVI had to create a skin care base that could sustain and protect their nutrients from oxidation and degradation (long after packaging). The only formula that could meet their stringent criteria was the oxygen rich medium known as COPS. The high oxygen content of COPS creates an alkaline pH. The alkaline pH reduces the free radical potential on your skin's surface, thus reducing one of the primary causes of pre-mature aging. TVI has also found that the COPS improve your skin's ability to absorb nutrients, thus making their products more effective. The alkaline pH in TVI's case contributes far more good than it does bad.

But what about your acid mantle? Your skin's acid mantle keeps the pH of your skin around 4.0-6.5 to help protect against pathogenic bacteria. The ability of your skin to maintain this acid pH is primarily determined by the health of the individual. Healthy people = healthy acidic skin pH. Other factors that can affect skin pH temporarily are the repetitive use of synthetic detergent based soaps. Harsh soaps can strip away the protective acid mantle and temporarily raise skin pH for a few hours. By using gentle all-natural glycerin-based soaps (such as TVI's Face & Body Wash), the integrity of your skin's acid mantle should be safe. As for other non-cleansing skin care products, research has found that long term use of alkaline skin care products (pH greater than 7.0) does not disrupt the pH of your skin. One study showed that it takes only 15 minutes for your skin to start correcting its pH, once an alkaline skin care product has been applied. There is also no correlation between the effect on skin surface pH and the approximate pH of the topical preparations. All in all, if you eat your greens, exercise and minimize the use of harsh detergent-based soaps your skin's acid mantle should continue to protect you against pathogenic bacteria.

Additional Info:

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