PhytoB-L 4X (10ml - 300 drops) by Bezwecken

PhytoB-L 4X (10ml - 300 drops) by Bezwecken

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Bio-identical LIQUID Progesterone & Estrogen Supplement.

New FORMULA! PhytoB-L 4x is now 4x stronger than the original PhytoB-L!

Key Benefits:
  • Now in liquid form, for better absorption!
  • Oral progesterone/estrogen offers superior dose control compared to progesterone/estrogen cream.

Phyto-B-L by Bezwecken is a unique plant-based progesterone supplement that is used to help control hormonal imbalances that come in the form of hot flashes, cold sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings or excessive bleeding with menstruation.

Bezwecken specifically designed this product to provide hormone support for all who are experiencing reduced estrogen and progesterone levels. Since Phyto-B is an herbal supplement it is considered a safer alternative to chemically-derived progesterone medications. Its purpose is to increase hormone levels while combating the symptoms of menopause. Every drop of Phyto-B-L provides a standardized dose of plant-derived estrogens along with progesterone to support a desirable hormonal balance.

Recommendations for use: SHAKE WELL, then use 2-5 drops, repeat 2 times per day OR As directed by health professional.

PhytoB-L 4x Ingredients: rice bran oil, coconut oil, USP progesterone; USP Estriol and vitamin E.

All ingredients are Non-GMO.

  • Estriol content 2mg per 10 drops [1 drop = 0.2 mg].
  • Progesterone content 40 mg per 10 drops [1 drop = 4mg].

Size: 10 ml Dropper Bottle. Each 10ml bottle contains ~300 drops.

Please note that when Bezwecken researched the new 4X formulation they wanted to account for space to SHAKE the product and for space for the dropper to fit. Thus, it is normal for the bottle to be 1/3 to 1/2 full. Each bottle contains ~ 300 drops.

Previous Formula Comparisons:

Original Liquid Formula: The original liquid formula, PhytoB-L, was 40mg progesterone per 40 drops (1 drop = 1 mg). The Original Formula is no longer available.

Pellet (tablet) formula: 2 drops PhytoB-L 4X = same progesterone/estrogen dose as 1 PhytoB Pellet. The PhytoB pellets have been discontinued by Bezwecken.

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