Est-Adapt (15 ml 500 drops) by Biomatrix

Est-Adapt (15 ml 500 drops) by Biomatrix

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Product Description

BioMatrix Est-Adapt - Bioidentical Estrogen

Key Benefits:
  • Estriol-only formula for precision dosing, or as a complement to progesterone dosing.
  • Micronized form for increased absorption. 
  • Estriol is significantly safer than other forms of estrogen. 
  • Oil-based in a natural blend of mixed tocopherols and alpha-tocopherols. 
  • Can be used in bioidentical hormone therapies to mimic natural estrogen. 
  • Contains 0.5 mg of estriol per drop while competing products only contain 0.2 mg.
Support for Low Estrogen:
  • Provides relief from the natural decline of estrogen. 
  • Decreases the symptoms of menopause. 
  • Assists with the transition of perimenopause to menopause. 
  • Supports mental clarity and decreases brain fog. 
  • Reduces fatigue associated with estrogen deficiency.

Estrogen is essential for the prevention of many health issues affecting women. Besides its prominent role in disease prevention, estrogen – and its safest form, estriol – promotes a feeling of youthfulness, increased energy levels and better cognitive function. Est-Adapt contains estriol derived from extractions of the Wild Yam root (Dioscorea villosa).  

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