Pro-Adapt (15ml - 500 drops) by BioMatrix

Pro-Adapt (15ml - 500 drops) by BioMatrix

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Product Description

New 2018 Formula: BioMatrix Pro-Adapt - Bioidentical Progesterone

Key Benefits:
  • Micronized form for greater absorption. 
  • Contains 4.0 mg of progesterone per drop. 
  • Derived from extractions of the Wild Yam root (Dioscorea villosa). 
  • Can be used in bioidentical hormone therapies to mimic natural progesterone. 
  • Oil-based in a natural blend of premium mixed tocopherols and alpha-tocopherols.
Support for Low Progesterone:
  • Promotes menstrual regularity. 
  • Reduces the symptoms of PMS and promotes calmness. 
  • Helps prepare and maintain the body for pregnancy. 
  • Helps with weight loss efforts. 
  • Counteracts the effects of estrogen dominance. 
  • Decreases menstrual bleeding. 
  • May help promote fertility and allow for easier ovulation tracking.

Pro-Adapt is a highly absorbable source of progesterone. Pro-Adapt is indicated whenever natural progesterone augmentation is required, and can be used for maintaining a healthy estrogen/progesterone balance. Lab testing will help determine each patient's need for augmentation.  

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