Diagnostic pH Test Strips by pHion

Diagnostic pH Test Strips by pHion

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Super Sensitive, 0.25 increments. pHion pH test strips are the fastest, most accurate, and easy-to-use pH indicating products that you can use to test urine and saliva pH. Within seconds of dipping a pHion pH test strip into your sample, you will have the results you need. Since the indicators are covalently bonded to the indicator surface, you never have to worry about them bleeding into your sample.

  • True results/Super-sensitive
  • Widest Range Available: 4.5 - 9.0
  • Easier to read than pH paper
  • No bleeding, no mess
  • Very Economical
  • Practitioner Preferred
  • Can test both Urine and Saliva
  • Practitioner preferred. With all those benefits, it's no wonder so many practitioners recommend the pHion brand!
Test Your Body's Acidity or Alkalinity with pH Strips:

To maintain good health the body is constantly seeking to get rid of the excess acids that irritate the tissues and deplete them of minerals. One of the principal systems it uses for this purpose is the renal system (kidneys). The normal rate of acid excretion through the kidneys gives urine a pH that falls between 6.75 and 7.25.

Another indicator of the overall pH balance in your body is the pH of your saliva. When your body has the mineral reserves that it should have, the abundance of minerals will show up in a saliva ph test as a pH reading of 7.0 to 7.50. A low saliva pH reading indicates that the mineral reserves in your body are low, and are being used to buffer acids elsewhere in the body.

There is a strong correlation between the pH of the body's internal environment and that of the urine and saliva: urine and saliva become acidic when the body's internal environment becomes acidic.

By testing the degree of acidity of the urine, you can determine if your body is eliminating the normal quantity of acids. If the acid excretion rate is higher than normal, the urinary pH will be more acidic. This low urinary pH is also an indication that the body is saturated and therefore in an acid state

Recommendations for use:
  • SALIVA: Take a saliva reading before and after meals. The alkaline levels of your saliva should be greater after meals because there is an abundance of alkaline-rich minerals in saliva. Then test your saliva 60 minutes after a meal. If the pH level is lower than 6.75, then your alkaline mineral reserves are low.
  • URINE: For best test results, test your second urination in the morning. You will likely see urine pH become more alkaline as the day progresses. Test frequently during the day, and determine an average.
Size: 1 Bottle (90 tests/bottle).

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