Reishi Complex by PRL - CLEARANCE SALE!

Reishi Complex by PRL - CLEARANCE SALE!

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Famous Herb Of Royalty For Power, Super Health And Long Life From ancient times, legends were told of a miraculous herb so powerful that those who could obtain it could overcome the worst, most life-threatening disease. This herb was said to give you the strength and agility of a young person and to let you live far beyond your normal life span. Even today, the reputation of this herb is greater than almost any other in history, yet most doctors have never even heard of it. It is called Reishi (in Japan) or Ling-zhi (in Chinese). Itís scientific name is Ganoderma lucidum. Reishi is classified as ďA-one MedicineĒ in China. In the Orient, Reishi is treasured more than gold.

Worldwide Reishi Research:
  • Priceless: Valued more than gold in ancient times.
  • Immunity: Boosts the weakened immune system (as seen in cancer, candida, chronic fatigue, heart disease, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, allergies).
    • Master Terminator Of Infection: Reishi is a master eliminator of harmful bacteria such as staph, strep, E. coli and bacillus pneumoniae. In one amazing study, researchers gave mice a fatal injection of E. coli. In the control group, which received no Reishi, 100% died. In the group of mice which were given Reishi 48 hours previous to the fatal injection, 85% lived! No wonder Reishi is unrivalled in its long history as the most powerful of all herbs to give you a long, healthy life: it has a dramatic ability to greatly strengthen the immune system.
    • Head That Cold Off With Reishi: Reishi contains unique, rare polysaccharides which have been proven to increase the RNA and DNA in the bone marrow, where your body makes B cells. Studies show that Reishi strengthens both B cells and T cells. These specialized cells are a critical part of your internal army that fight infection. Studies show Reishi increases the strength and life span of all the white blood cells, the cells that fight infection. What an incredible boost to a sagging immune system! Many doctors recommend Reishi at the first sign of any cold, flu or sore throat to help quickly stop the infection. Better yet, take Reishi daily as your best insurance for a super healthy life.
  • Cancer: Used extensively with all types of cancer (cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, pancreas, etc.)
  • Brain: Helps improve memory, concentration, clarity, helps clear depression, anxiety, insomnia.
    • Conquering Depression: Reishi has profound effects on the mind. Reishi is well known for its calming and mood-altering effect. Thatís why itís a world-class herb to help clear depression. Impaired liver function, poor nutrition and infection are often at the root cause of depression, anxiety and irritability. Depression can also be caused by food allergies. Research shows Reishiís dramatic help in clearing food allergies. Reishi revitalizes the blood and helps normalize IgG, an immunoglobulin responsible for triggering many food allergies.
  • Liver: helps regenerate the liver; helps clear hepatitis and liver diseases.
    • Liver Regeneration: Promising research shows that Reishi helps regenerate the liver. In one study, mice were given a lethal dose of the pain-killer, Indomethacin. In the control group, which received no Reishi, 90% of the mice died. In the second group which received Reishi, 100% lived! Reishi helps accelerate the clearance of drugs and chemicals from the body, thus helping the liver to detoxify faster. Reishi is the ultimate Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification tonic.
    • Beating Chronic Hepatitis: Chronic hepatitis, as with many liver diseases, is difficult to treat and often ends in premature death. One study of people with chronic hepatitis showed that Reishi was effective in 71 to 98% of the cases. Reishi contains a special factor, ganodosterone, which is a liver function stimulant and liver protectant. Promising research shows that Reishi helps regenerate the liver. Because of its dramatic healing effects on both the immune system and the liver, Reishi is now used as the herb of choice by many doctors for hepatitis of all types, chronic fatigue, candidiasis, and arthritis.
  • Women: helps clear PMS and menopause symptoms.
  • Allergies, Candida:: Helps clear allergies and fungal overgrowth.
Recommendations for use: Adults or children (age 4 up): Take 1 capsule, 1 to 3 times daily. For special routines, up to 15 servings may be taken, 2 to 3 times daily. Serving size = 1 capsule.
  • So effective is Reishi that it is officially listed by the Japanese Government as a substance to treat cancer.

Contains: Wild reishi (raw and fermented mycelial extract and spore), Bilberry (fruit), Self heal (leaf), Golden Thread (rhizome), Guggui (resin), Blue Green Algae (whole), Hyssop (leaf), Turmeric (rhizom), stabilized rice bran. Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose capsule. Contains Rice Grains.
  • The Source Is Everything Most Reishi currently on the market is commercially grown, solvent-extracted and often the wrong species. Poor quality Reishi will not produce the powerful healing benefits as seen in the research. We found the very best results with wild, mountaingrown Reishi from China, unpolluted with chemicals, additives or solvents.
Size: 90 Vcaps (500 mg per capsule).

Tip: In order for Reishi to be effective, you must have a therapeutic urine pH (6.4 - 7.0). If your urine pH is too low, your body will use the Reishi to elevate your pH instead of using it to cleanse your liver/boost your immune system.** This is very economically in-efficient. For best results, check your pH and use PRL's pH Trio (if needed) to boost your urine pH before starting Reishi.

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