DentaVen (30 VCaps) by PRL - CLEARANCE SALE!

DentaVen (30 VCaps) by PRL - CLEARANCE SALE!

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Product Description

(Formerly Dental-Zyme)

Enzyme Supplement Premier Tooth and Gum Support**

Key Benefits:
  • Patented probiotic support for tooth and gum health**
  • Features a unique, highly desirable strain of Strepococcus salivarius that is able to colonize and beneficially reside in the mouth; effective for children, ages 5 and up, when used as directed.
Recommendations for use: Take 1 Vcaps daily. Open 1 capsule and empty contents into mouth, ensuring contact with all tooth and gun surfaces. For best results, use after brushing teeth. Avoid drinking or eating for ten minutes after use. Use regularly for healthy teeth and gum support**

Contains: BLIS M18 (strep. salivarius) (3 bilion CFU/capsule), Other Ingredients: xylitol. Contains milk (a trace amount as part of the probiotic process).

Size: 30 Vcaps.

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