Earthwrappe 6 Hour Timer - SPECIAL ORDER

Earthwrappe 6 Hour Timer - SPECIAL ORDER

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Product Description

For use with Q-Heat and Earthwrappe Pads (mini, regular, full body). Enjoy the lasting effects of infrared heat for up to 6 hours!

Key Benefits:
  • May be used with any size of EarthWrappe pads (mini, regular, or full-body).
  • To use the 6-hour timer, first detach the connector end of the standard timer/cord unit that originally came with your earthwrappe.
  • Next, firmly insert the connector end of the 6-hour timer into the same connector area on the earthwrappe as the previous timer/cord.
  • Place the plug end of the 6 hour timer into a standard wall socket.
  • The use of the controller unit (for timing and heat levels) is the same for the 6-hour timer as for the standard controller unit.

Size: 1 Unit.

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