Colostrum Infinity Cream Premier (1.4 oz) by PRL - DISCONTINUED

Colostrum Infinity Cream Premier (1.4 oz) by PRL - DISCONTINUED

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DISCONTINUED by PRL - Please try TVI's Night Wonder as substitute. Night Wonder also contains colostrum, has a similar texture to colostrum cream, plus has a ton of antioxidants (more anti-aging benefits)! TVI offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So Try it at no risk!

Product Description

Formerly called: Colostrum Repair Cream, Premier

The Ultimate Performance Cream for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Key Benefits: Noticeable results after 2 weeks!
  • Incredibly better and safer than a facelift or chemical peel
  • Plump, tone, tighten skin; normalize pore size
  • Exceptionally effective for sun damaged skin & age spots
  • Stop oily, blemished, or loose skin
  • Ideal skin care to achieve the flawless appearance of actors, actresses and models
  • Absolutely NO techno-toxic chemicals
About Colostrum:
  • What is colostrum? Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers for the first few days after giving birth. (It is NOT milk, so those with milk allergies need not worry.) Colostrum naturally contains a broad range of amazing immune boosters: immunoglobins, your first line of defense (IgG, IgA, IgM), hormones, enzymes, growth factors, peptides and nucleotides. No wonder doctors and researchers are now raving about the immune-strengthening benefits of colostrum.
  • Top Infection Fighter: Proven results against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
  • Richest Source of Natural MSM: A sulfur compound which helps fight infection
  • Powerful immune-boosting compounds: Contains human-active Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA) and Lactoferrin
  • Hormone and Chemical-Free Colostrum: Organic colostrum contains the richest, purest source of active compounds. It has no artificial hormones, antibiotic residues or other drugs.
  • Harvard researchers: Colostrum is high in growth factors which speed tissue repair in ulcers, cysts, lesions, trauma and disease.
  • Dr. Benjamin Frank: anti-aging researcher, showed RNA as an important youth-preserving factor in human nutrition. Colostrum contains growth factors to stimulate growth and repair of RNA.
  • Dr. D. Tyrell: researcher at Worthwick Park Hospital in England, showed colostrum could attach to the surface of viruses and prevent infection.
  • Dr. K. Brockman: The sulfur content in colostrum enhances the natural antibiotic immune response in the body.
Recommendations for use: Massage 1/8 tsp or more of cream once or more daily into skin. Especially great for the face, around eyes, hands, wrinkles and damaged skin. People with dry skin may require the application of an additional moisturizer.
  • Pure Complexions Tip: Best when used with Face & Body Wash by The Vital Image (cleanser) and Grime Fighter by The Vital Image (toner). The Colostrum Cream has an unusual consistency due to its chemical-free live nutrient base, thus it is easier to apply to moist skin. Grime Fighter moistens the skin and sets the pH, which makes it an ideal prep for PRL's Colostrum Cream.
  • Blemish prone skin: Colostrum Cream offers exceptional results for inflammatory conditions, such as folliculitis, rosacea and acne. Those with moderate to severe skin conditions should also consider using PRL's HA Intensive Cream initially to help restore healthy tissue nutrient levels. Colostrum Cream and DNA Repair Cream can be used alone or applied on top of each other. See above "Pure Complexions Tip" for application info.

Texture: Colostrum cream is purely a therapeutic product, meaning that it offers nutritional support, but doesn't have any moisturizing properties. People with dry skin typically need to apply a chemical-free moisturizer afterwards. Colostrum cream has an unusual texture, it feels a littte sticky when you first apply it, but this sensation quickly goes away after it absorbs (~2 min). It is easier to apply to moist skin and feels especially nice if you have oily or combination skin.

Scent: When you first open the jar and remove the freshness seal, depending on the batch, it can smell pretty fragrant (like rose bud oil married with colostrum). The intensity of the scent can vary batch to batch (due to natural rose oil variations), but after a few days of opening the jar twice a day, the scent minimizes as the rose oil naturally evaporates from the cream. I use this cream everyday and I don't typically like highly scented products. I would give it a mild to moderate scent rating (depending on the season). Some batches, however, do not smell strongly of roses at all.

Please Note: Colostrum Cream has a very distinct smell - please be aware that PRL does not give refunds for "unsatisfied smell" reasons.

Contains: Hydroinfused PhytoserumTM [Purified Water, zea mays (corn) oil, vegetable-based fatty acids, vegetable glycerin, carrot root extract, guar gum, onion extract, orange peel extract], apricot kernel oil (solvent-free), hazelnut oil, grape seed extract (solvent-free), horsetail aerial extract, rose petal oil (solvent-free), Low temperature, air-dried whole colostrum (15% concentration).

Size: 1.4 oz Jar.

*Mild rose scent from solvent-free rose oil*

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ratingratingratingratingrating by Christine from Helotes, TX, United States on 09/01/2015
My mother has rosacea and used prescription creams on her face to keep it under control. So I bought her some Colostrum Cream for her birthday last month. I am happy to report that both products cleared up her rosacea so much that she stopped using her prescription creams!! Thank you Pure Complexions!!!

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