Pink Salt (12 oz) by PRL

Pink Salt (12 oz) by PRL

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A premium Blend of Natural, Quantum-State Untreated Sea Salts for Everyday Use. Rich in natural electrolytes and minerals with strong piezoelectric capacity.
  • Contains a blend of 2 premium, untreated, unheated, solar dried sea salts; pure Mediterranean sea salt and pink Alaea Hawaiian sea salt.
  • Rich in trace minerals with strong piezoelectric capacity.
  • No flowing agents or anti-clumping agents as commonly added to regular table salts sych as aluminum hydroxide, refined sugar, stearic acid, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium phosphate and others.
  • No kidney/adrenal stress often seen with regular salt which is highly heated.
Recommendations for use: Use premier sea salt in placeof regular table salt, to add robust flavor to foods and drinks for the whole family.

Contains: A blend of 2 pure unheated sea salts; Mediterranean Sea sea salt, Alaea Hawaiian sea salt. PRL's Pink Salt is ground using nickel-free grinders.

Size: 12 oz Granules in Sifter Bottle

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