Canadian Gold Honey by PRL - SPECIAL ORDER **

Canadian Gold Honey by PRL - SPECIAL ORDER **

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Product Description

Untreated, Unheated, Totally Raw Honey From Canada's Wildlands. Are you ready for a deliciously unique taste?

Canadian Gold Honey is a pure, raw, unpasteurized, legendary honey from wildflowers in the remote, pristine wildlands of Northern Canada.

Commercial honey (also called “raw”) may be highly heated for high speed packing . In contrast, our honey is “raw” (i.e. it has not been refined, whipped, spun, filtered or stripped of any of its naturally occurring nutrition) and is also truly unpasteurized – retaining its live qualities. Every jar of our honey is hand-packed which is labor intensive, but preserves the honey’s integrity as a living super food.

Canadian Gold Honey melts in your mouth with an exquisitely different sweet taste – use as a topping on cereal or as a sweetener for smoothies or herbal tea. Or just enjoy by itself! Eat a tablespoon right out of the jar as an energy boost before exercise. Some people call this the best honey in the world!

Please Note: The color of this honey may naturally vary from season to season.

Caution: Infants one year and younger should not consume honey.

Key Benefits:
  • Totally unheated and raw with legendary immune benefits.
  • Unique, white colored honey from native Canadian wildflowers near the Alaskan border.
  • Carefully hand packed in each container (high heat is not used to liquefy the honey which can destroy valuable nutrients); not whipped spun filtered or treated.
  • Naturally thick honey with a delightful creamy texture.

Contains: 100% pure, raw white gold honey from pristine wildlands of Northern Canada - collected in an area where no pesticides or other toxic chemicals have been used.

Warning: The word "raw" on a honey label does not mean the honey has not been heated. Most commercial honey has been highly heated (for high speed packaging) and thus, has lost its active factors. For truly living honey, the label must say "unheated".

Size: 2 pounds.

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