Premier Attars (Essential Oils) by PRL - CLEARANCE SALE!

Premier Attars (Essential Oils) by PRL - CLEARANCE SALE!

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Available in 2 Blends:
  • Lavander Attar: Detoxifying and beautifying. Contains: pure solvent-free lavender & sandalwood EO.
  • Rosemary Attar: Invigorating and detoxifying. Contains: pure solvent-free rosemary & sandalwood EO.
Why are all PRL Attars distilled in sandalwood? PRL uses sandalwood as a base for their attars because it is the only oil that is "on" to all 4 polarities. Sandalwood actually improves the fragrance, phytonutrient activity, and shelf-life of the essential oils it is mixed with.

Size: 0.4 fl oz (12 ml) Packaged in a glass amber dropper bottle.

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