Sleep (60 Liq. Caps) by Restorative Formulations

Sleep (60 Liq. Caps) by Restorative Formulations

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Product Description

Support for Sound Sleep.

Formulation Features:
  • Liquid capsule for maximum absorption
  • Modulates GABA; increases CNS relaxation
  • Associated with onset of restful tranquility
  • May increase in inhibitory neurotransmitters in the CNS
Sleep is a gentle, natural way to assist with occasional sleeplessness. Studies suggest that the valerenic acid in valerian root might help calm the mind and promote relaxation, setting the stage for a blissful nightís sleep. Valerianís valerenic acid is believed to support a tranquil state of mind through its interaction with the GABA-A receptors. Melatonin exists in the pineal gland of the brain and plays a vital role in helping the onset of sleep with a rapid, transient, and mild sleep-inducing effect.

Recommendations for use: Take 1 capsule as needed or 30 minutes before bedtime. Repeat if needed, or go to 2 capsules.


Size: 60 Vcaps.

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