Live Right 4 Your Type </br>by Peter J. DAdamo and Catherine Whitney

Live Right 4 Your Type </br>by Peter J. DAdamo and Catherine Whitney


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PC Consulting Client Diet Recommendation.

We Recommend the Blood Type Diet Because:

  • It provides individualized diet guidelines.
  • Clients become aware of which foods are THEIR beneficial foods and which foods are causing problems.
  • The toxic effects of lectins are often due to over consumption, so minimizing lectins that are adverse for your blood type can improve health.
  • People with gluten sensitivity are also more sensitive to lectins due to the presence of leaky gut.
  • When clients Eat Right 4 Their Type, they increase their metabolism, which assists with weight loss.
  • Reduces systemic inflammation and helps reduce bowel putrification (AEB Urine Indican Levels).
  • Clients become aware of their genetic stress response (AEB cortisol spikes) and are better able to manage stress.

    Importance of Knowing Your Blood Type: The reason blood grouping is important in determining a person's diet is due to molecules called lectins which are found in foods. A large majority of lectins are destroyed by cooking, but a small amount will survive the cooking process and make it into your digestive tract. If the digestive process in the stomach (hydrochloric acid and pepsin) or upper small intestine (carbohydrate digesting enzymes) are in any way compromised the lectins can pass unbound/undigested into the lower small intestine, where the immune tissue will recognize these lectins as either being self or non-self. If raw foods are eaten, a greater percentage of lectins will pass into the intestinal lumen. If the digestive processes are intact i.e. adequate amounts of HCL and digestive enzymes, this should pose no increased risk.

    The immune reaction to lectins is dependent upon the ABO blood type. If the lectin is perceived as non-self the immune system will mount a non-specific immune reaction, causing the release of histamine, complement activation, and mucosal secretory IgA release. This will cause mild intestinal inflammation. Prolonged inflammation in the intestins can lead to increased intestinal hyperpermability (Leaky Gut Syndrome), and break down the intestinal brush border cells. The hyperpermeability and diminished absorptive surface area allows for almost free movement of large macromolecules into the portal circulation and lymph vessels, setting up eventual antibody formation. The person is now at high risk for the development of other diseases.

    Each blood type reacts to specific group of dietary lectins. Thus, we recommend reading this book to get more information on how to use the ABO blood type to determinethe right diet for you.

Book Description: Live Right 4 Your Type seamlessly follows the path paved by its phenomenally successful predecessor, NY Times bestseller Eat Right 4 Your Type.

In Live Right 4 Your Type, new data looks at the importance of "secretor subtype" as a refinement to the Blood Type Diet, and the use of blood type genetics to help understand the mind-body connection.

Extensive new food lists and prescription recommendations. In Live Right 4 Your Type, perhaps the Magnus opus of the blood type theory, Dr. Peter D'Adamo distills the voluminous data on blood type, physiology, and metabolism into a series of fascinating observations and simple guidelines.

Live Right 4 Your Type Contains:
  • Secretor and non-Secretor Food Lists.
    Note: Dr D'Adamo's other book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, does not contain secretor information. We recommend Live Right 4 Your Type because it gives both secretor and non-secretor diet charts, plus lifestyle information. People that have health problems will benefit from knowing their secretor status, so they can better personalize their diet.
  • Cortisol & stress response information that is unique to each blood type. Plus helpful tips to lower stress levels based on blood type.

383-page Hardcover - Published Dec 28, 2000.

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