Secretor Test Kit

Secretor Test Kit

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Product Description

Mail-In Saliva Test Kit. For determining Secretor Status in relation to The Blood Type Diet.

Are you an 'advanced' blood type diet devotee? Or, do you have reason to want to be even more strict in adhering to the diet for other health reasons? If you wish to refine your diet even further, use this saliva test to determine your Secretor status.

While the average person may not really need this information in order to benefit from following the Blood Type Diet in a realistic way, those with special needs and more serious health concerns may want to know their secretor status in order to open the door to even more specific dietary guidelines.

Benefits of Knowing Your Secretor Status (article by Dr. D'Adamo).

Click Here for Secretor Test Results and Secretor Test Privacy Policy.

PLEASE NOTE: The Lab Requires 10-15 business days from the time your specimen is received at the Lab. Please allow sufficient time for this processing.

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW YORK STATE residents. New York State law prohibits the transport of saliva in or out of the state. If you are interested in taking a Secretor test but have a New York State address, please do not order this product until you call us for further information first.

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