Unscented Face and Body Cream by Bariani

Unscented Face and Body Cream by Bariani

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Unscented Face & Body Cream: Bariani Body Care Products are created using the finest food grade ingredients. Using our own cold extracted, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil as the base, these products are designed to effectively clean and moisturize the whole body. Simplicity and purity were our guidelines in creating these products. Bariani Olive Oil face and body cream is soothing and easily absorbed by the skin. 

Contains: Bariani extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, water.

Shelf-Life: Bariani's Face & Body Cream is food grade and made fresh each week. Because the ingredients are first cold pressed, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil, water, & beeswax, the shelf-life is only 5 months. There are no chemicals or preservatives in it. Store in a cool place. Note: You can extend its shelf-life by keeping it in the fridge.

Available in 2 Sizes: 2 oz Jar and 4 oz Jar.

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