Clear PET Foamer Bottle (Empty)

Clear PET Foamer Bottle (Empty)

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Product Description

Great for use with any all-natural liquid soap or shampoo! Improve lather naturally without chemicals!

The white plastic foamer pumps create foam without the use of gas propellants and allow for precise mixing of liquid and air, producing a dose of high quality foam with each stroke.

Available in 2 Sizes:
  • Small 50 ml (1.7 oz) PET #01: Pictured on Right. Great for travel!
  • Large 250 ml (8.3 oz) PETE #1: Pictured on Left. Great for home!
Recommendations for use: These containers could be a great choice for many bath and body products such as hand soaps, hair care products and more.

How to use: Foamer bottles are generally filled with about 1 fl oz of liquid soap and topped off with water (use ~1/8 oz soap for smaller 50 ml bottles). The pumping mechanism works to convert your dilute soapy mixture to piles of foam! Just pump like a normal dispenser and you will have a handful of foam in just a few downward strokes. The best part is your soap goes a long way!

Available in 2 Sizes: 50 ml (1.7 oz) Foamer (great for travel) and a 250 ml (8.3 oz) Foamer Bottle.

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