Organic Cotton Regular Tampons 16 ct by Emerita

Organic Cotton Regular Tampons 16 ct by Emerita

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100% Certified Organic Tampons w/ Cardboard Applicator: Regular Flow Days

16 tampons per box.

Tampons are not all created equal and, contrary to what you might assume, theyíre often not made from 100% cotton. If you read tampon box labels, youíre likely to find such ingredients as ďrayon,Ē ďpolyester,Ē ďpolypropylene,Ē ďfragrance,Ē and ďfiber finishesĒ (whatever that means).

Considering that the average woman will use about 12ꯠ tampons in her lifetime, what you put in your body matters. Thatís why weíve constructed Emerita® tampons from a womenís health perspective:

Our tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton. That means you can expect our cotton to be free from pesticide residues. Our cotton is cleansed with a mild hydrogen peroxide solution, so itís also chlorine-free. Whatís more, cotton is a great, natural fiber. Itís inherently fluffy and absorbent and requires minimal chemical processing. Cotton is simply cotton.

Construction matters, too. So our tampons also feature a high-quality security veil—a fine, cotton outer mesh to help keep the fibers in the core of the tampon, where they belong. A lot of tampons donít have a security veil, or if they do itís often not a very secure one. Without a high-quality security veil, thereís more risk of tampon fibers shedding and being left behind.

Emerita® Applicator Tampons are rayon-free, perfume-free, chlorine-freeÖ and synthetic-free. Thereís nothing here but 100% organic cotton goodness. All tampons are not created equal. What you put in your body matters™.

Our tampons come with a biodegradable cardboard applicator.

Ingredients: Absorbent core: 100% certified organic cotton. Overwrap: Organic cotton nonwoven. Withdrawal cord: Cotton cord and policotton sewing yarn. Applicator: Cardboard. Protective wrap: cellulose paper. Certified organic by the Ethical and Environmental Institute (ICEA), Bologna Italy

Directions: Always select the lowest tampon absorbency to meet your needs. Remember to remove or change your tampon every 4-6 hours.

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