Cotton Classic Contour Pads 16 ct by Emerita

Cotton Classic Contour Pads 16 ct by Emerita

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Cotton Classic Contour Pads 16 count

Emerita® Classic Contour Pads are soft, absorbent and perfect for moderate to heavy-flow days. We designed them from a womens health perspective, so they feature 100% natural cotton coversheet and core—no superabsorbent polymers, no cellulose wood-pulp fibers, chemical fragrances or any other additives. And the cotton we use is cleansed with a mild hydrogen peroxide solution, so our pads are chlorine-free, as well.

What you put next to your skin matters. Emerita is a leading brand of natural wellness products for women. We're proud to be women-operated since 1978. You wouldn't wear plastic underwear, so why wear a pad that's not natural?

  • Chlorine/Dioxin-free Cotton means you keep chemicals away from your most delicate skin.
  • Plastic-free cover sheet for a softer, non-irritating, real cotton feel.
  • Irritation-free for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Hypoallergenic to help reduce risk of allergy.
  • Wood fluff pulp-free means were saving forest trees.
  • Fragrance free (unscented)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Individually wrapped ultra thin winged

Our pads were designed and developed for outstanding comfort and protection using gynecologists' recommendations. Our pads are made of 100% Natural Cotton with an absorbent core, soft cotton interlace cover sheet, adhesive strip, fluid back layer, leak guard channels, and winged for extra protection. No Chlorine used in the cotton bleaching process.

Recommended use: For heavy flow days.

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