Lipstick by Colorganics (Hemp Organics)

Lipstick by Colorganics (Hemp Organics)

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Delivers natural pigments in a traditional lipstick shape, yet maintains its organic integrity. The base is 95% certified organic ingredients, and uses no petro-derived FD&C dyes that can dry and crack your lips. Organic beeswax combined with carnauba & candelilla plant waxes seal in moisture and adhere pigment to lips for kiss proof wear. For more intense lips, wear with a base of colorganics lip liners. Add additional shine with our 97% organic Karma Gloss.

8 Sheer Shades: They offer light sheer coverage that is moisturizing and soothing.
  1. Garnet: sheer cool red lip stain.
  2. Cinnamon: light coverage neutral honeyed brown. (carmine-free).
  3. Ginger: medium warm apricot.
  4. Sheer Pink: glossy sheer pink.
  5. Red Shine: sheer light pinkish red with shimmer.
  6. Warm Shine: natural warm toned sheer lip stain. (carmine-free).
  7. Cool Shine: natural cool toned sheer lip stain. (carmine-free).
  8. Hemp Shine: organic hemp oil moisture stick. (carmine-free).
8 Shimmering Shades: Naturally sparkling mica adds slight shimmer to these shades.
  1. Bronze: opaque golden bronze with high shimmer. (carmine-free).
  2. Brown Sugar: cool sheer brown with a silver shimmer. (carmine-free).
  3. Opal Stick: pure opalescent shimmer, wear alone or top off another color. (carmine-free).
  4. Pink Satin: soft satiny shimmering pink.
  5. Purple Haze: sheer iridescent light purple shimmer.
  6. Rose Quartz: silver frosted subtle sheer rose. (carmine-free).
  7. Scarlet Fire: rich iridescent red with warm tones.
  8. Sepia: full coverage antique brown with golden luster. (carmine-free).
8 Full Color Shades: Full color treatment for lip definition.
  1. Ruby: Deep burgundy stain with cool undertones.
  2. Cappuccino: Sheer medium brown with subtle red undertones. (carmine-free).
  3. Cayenne: Warm medium coverage red-orange. (carmine-free).
  4. Crimson: Classic full bodied red.
  5. Red Zin: Burgundy wine with brown undertones.
  6. Wild Plum: Deep currant plum with slight shimmer.
  7. Rose Petal: Full coverage cool pink.
  8. Black Cherry: Deep burgundy with cool brown undertones. (carmine-free).
8 Matte Shades: Natural kaolin clay adds a slight matte finish.

  1. Espresso: cool and rich semi-matte dark brown. (carmine-free).
  2. Chai: light hued medium coverage neutral taupe. (carmine-free).
  3. Coral: classic coral.
  4. Java Bean: raven brown - used alone or to darken other shades. (carmine-free).
  5. Cocoa: deep cool semi-matte brown.
  6. Mocha: warm tawny brown. (carmine-free).
  7. Red Earth: cool brown with rich red undertones. (carmine-free).
  8. Sienna: neutral medium brown tone. (carmine-free).
New Formula Contains: Certified organic castor oil, certified organic beeswax, candelilla & carnauba wax, certified organic hemp seed oil, certified organic jojoba oil, natural vitamin E (contains soy), mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide [non-micronized*]. May contain carmine. *Hemp Organics does not use micronized or nano size titanium dioxide particles in their formulas. Gluten-free, Wheat-free.

Size: 1 full-size tube.

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ratingratingratingratingrating by Mary from Bethesda, MD, United States on 01/03/2020
I have been wearing Hemp Organics lipsticks for almost 10 years and I LOVE them! I get compliments on their lipsticks all the time. I like to combine multiple colors to create the exact shade I'm looking for. I recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for high quality, chemical-free lipstick!

ratingratingratingratingrating by from , , on 01/14/2018
Fantastic Lipstick, especially if you are fragrance-sensitive!! Has excellent long lasting coverage, huge color selection, & is completely scent-free. I love buying from purebodysolutions because of their reward program :]

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