Mangrove Natural Concentrated Hair Conditioner (8oz) by Keys

Mangrove Natural Concentrated Hair Conditioner (8oz) by Keys

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More than 95% of all hair conditioners available over the counter or from salons contain a form of silicone. Many contain multiple forms of the chemical to coat and encase the hair shaft. The results are a high shine that leaves hair very organized. The problem with silicones is that they coat the scalp and pores as equally as they do the hair. Many dermatologists believe that silicones along with sulfates are a primary cause of premature baldness in men and women. At Keys, we searched the world for a natural conditioner ingredient that would operate like silicone, but without the negative properties. In fact, one of our criteria was that it had to help condition the scalp as well. What we discovered was a natural conditioner called Brassica. It resembles pure natural coconut, but without the stripping characteristics of coconut. It has a low acidity level so it mirrors the skin and scalp condition. Mangrove Conditioner contains Brassica and other natural oils in a concentrated conditioning cream.

The primary form of silicone use in hair care products is called Dimethicone. In cosmetics and personal care products Dimethicone and related ingredients are used in the formulation of a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products including cosmetic creams and lotions, bath soaps, shampoo and hair care products. The most widely used ingredient in this group is Dimethicone. Dimethicone can so encapsulate the hair shaft that in tests at Keys, the hair cuticle photographed under an electron microscope was non-existent. Sealed shut! It took an average of 7 days of shampooing with Mangrove to remove it. Then the conditioning effects of Mangrove Conditioner opened the cuticle to create fuller hair with shine and manageability.

Mangrove Conditioner is concentrated so a little goes a long way. Just a small amount on wet hair conditions the scalp and the hair as well as nourishing the hair follicle. Just a drop on wet hair as a leave-in hair conditioner and styler give just washed hair the day old look with shine and body.

Recommendations for use: After shampooing with Mangrove, apply a marble sized dollop to the palm of your hand. Carefully and patiently work mangrove conditioner from the scalp out to the ends of your hair. Start with far less than you use of any other conditioner and add as needed. Let it stay on your hair for a minute or two if you can. Then rinse lightly leaving a fine coat on your hair and scalp. Blow dry on a cool setting or let dry naturally.
  • Tip 1: Mangrove Super Hydrating Treatment When you have an afternoon to kick back, super condition your hair and scalp with Mangrove Conditioner. Wash your hair and then dry it without conditioning. When mostly dry, apply a marble size dollop of Mangrove Conditioner to your hair until it is very shiny and oily looking. Pull it back and let it stay on your hair for a few hours. Then wash with Mangrove Shampoo and then dry normally. You hair will look and feel like a very expensive salon hot oil treatment.
  • Tip 2: Leave It In For really dry or coarse hair, after shampooing and conditioning with Mangrove products, take a pea sized drop of Mangrove Conditioner and massage it into your hair. Blow dry or leave dry naturally.
  • Tip 3: Mangrove Styler If you want or need a styling product, wash and condition your hair normally. Then blow dry or let dry naturally. When the hair is completely dry, take a pea sized drop of Mangrove Conditioner and work it into the hair starting from the scalp out. Then style with a hair dryer, heated iron or your fingers.

Contains: Avocado oil, shea butter (fair trade, unprocessed), black cumin oil, aloe vera, brassica oil, blood orange and sage essential oil, purified water, vegetable glycerin, vegetable wax.

Size: 8 oz (236 ml) Pump.

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