Mineral Eye Shadow (1.5g) by Lily Lolo

Mineral Eye Shadow (1.5g) by Lily Lolo

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Product Description

Gorgeous Pure Mineral Eye Shadow. Award Winning Lily Lolo Mineral eyeshadow is a natural loose powder with strong colour pigment to give long lasting wear. Choose from silky natural shades or vivid hues.

Key Benefits:
  • Our mineral eyeshadow is free from harsh chemicals, nano particles, parabens, Bismuth Oxychloride, talc, synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrance and preservatives
  • Natural and gentle formula
  • Strong and vibrant mineral pigments
  • Silky and creamy eye colour, mineral eyeshadow has great staying power
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Suitable for all eye colours

Available in 22 Shades:
  1. Angelic: (Neutral Shade) is a sparkling white shimmer.
  2. Black Sand: (Brown Shade) a matte darkest brown).
  3. Bronze Sparkle: (Brown Shade) is a rich shimmery bronze mineral eye shadow.
  4. Chocolate Fudge Cake: (Brown Shade) is a rich softly sparkling deep brown mineral eye shadow.
  5. Cream Soda: (Neutral Shade) is a soft matte creamy beige..
  6. Deep Purple: (Pink/Violet Shade) is a shimmery deep purple mineral eye shadow.
  7. Golden Lilac: (Pink/Violet Shade) is a beautiful sparkly lilac mineral eyeshadow shade, it shines gold in the light.
  8. Green Opal: ( Greens/Blues Shade ) is a gorgeous shimmery pale green.
  9. Gunmetal: (Neutral Shade) is a rich sparkly grey mineral eyeshadow. Great for smoky eyes.
  10. Khaki Sparkle: (Greens/Blues Shade) is a deep khaki mineral eyeshadow with a pretty sparkle.
  11. Miami Taupe: (Neutral Shade) is a silky soft, smoky taupe eyeshadow - perfect for adding subtle definition to your eyes. With a slight shimmer and velvety finish Miami Taupe is one of our absolute favourites.
  12. Moonlight: (Brown Shade) is a rich, luxurious and glistening chocolate brown eyeshadow, perfect for adding depth or makes a stunning eye liner.
  13. Mudpie (Eye Brow Color): (Brown Shade) is a rich matte brown mineral eye shadow. Great used to deepen eye brow colour with the Angled Brow & Spoolie Brush.
  14. Orchid: (Neutral Shade) is a pretty soft white mineral eye shadow with a slight shimmer. Orchid makes a great highlighter. Suits all eye colours and skin tones.
  15. Sand Dune: (Neutral Shade) a demi-matte nude beige..
  16. Sidewalk: (Matte, grey) is a highly pigmented mineral eye shadow for a long lasting and durable finish. Create sheer or intense washes of colour, with shades which work both wet and dry.
  17. Smokey Brown: (Neutral Shade) is a gorgeous shimmery grey/brown mineral eye shadow for perfect smoky eyes. Our all time best seller.
  18. Soft Brown (Eye Brow Color): (Brown Shade) is a soft matte brown mineral eye shadow with pinky undertones. Soft brown is perfect for achieving the barely there natural look. As a brow color, it is ideal for blondes, grey hair, and red heads.
  19. Soul Sister: (Grey/Green) Demi-matte Fawn brown with golden undertones.
  20. Sticky Toffee: (Brown Shade) is a shimmery light beige mineral eye shadow. A lovely neutral brown shade, perfect for the natural look. Suitable for all eye colours.
  21. Vanilla Shimmer: (Neutral Shade) is a softly shimmering pinky-beige, perfect for a base or highlights. Vanilla Shimmer is a perfect everyday shade and a must for your makeup bag.
  22. Witchypoo: (Neutral Shade) is a creamy matte black, perfect as eyeliner - simply mix with water and apply with an eyeliner brush. Suits all eye colours and skin tones.

How to use Eyeshadow? Use the Eye Shadow Brush to apply mineral eyeshadow over the lid and the Blending Brush to blend different eyeshadows together. The Smudge Brush is also a great tool for applying eyeshadow in more intensity. Create a new look by mixing the eyeshadows with water and using the Eye Liner - Smudge Brush.

How to compliment Eye Color with Eyeshadow?
  • Blue Eyes: choose from eye shadow shades of taupe, grey, violet, purple, and silver. Brown eye shadows with rose colours work particularly well.
  • Brown Eyes: You're lucky if you have brown eyes, most eye shadow colours will suit you. Blue and green shades work particularly well on brown eyes.
  • Green Eyes: Choose brown eye shadow colours for green eyes - from light beiges to deep chocolate browns. Purples and pinks also complement with green eyes. Very light greens can look very striking.
  • Hazel Eyes: If you have hazel eyes choose brighter colours that are a contrast for your eyes, pinks and purples work really well as do brighter blue colours.

Contains: Mica, Iron Oxide,Titanium Dioxide.

Size: 1.5g in a 10ml sifter jar.
  • Sorry, sample sizes are not available for Lily Lolo's eye shadow.
Product Specific Allergen Info:

Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free.

Additional Info:
  • Lily Lolo Eye Shadow Video
    How To: Eye Shadows by Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics youtube 3:52 min.
    The makeup artist is applying; Ivy League (PRESSED: Shimmer, dark golden olive green), Khaki Sparkle (MINERAL: deep khaki eyeshadow with a pretty sparkle),
    and I Should Cocoa (PRESSED: Matte, rich chocolate brown) using Lily Lolo's Eye Shadow Brush, Socket Brush, and Eye Liner - Smudge Brush in this video.

    Update: Ivy League SINGLE shade has been discontinued by Lily Lolo. However, it is now available in the Filthy Rich Eye Palette

  • Lily Lolo Smokey Eye Video
    Lily Lolo How To's: Smoky Eyes youtube 2:00 min.
    The makeup artist is using Chocolate Fudge Cake (MINERAL: a rich softly sparkling deep brown), Deep Purple (MINERAL: a shimmery deep purple), Orchid (MINERAL: a pretty soft white with a slight shimmer), and Bronze Sparkle (a rich shimmery bronze) using Lily Lolo's Eye Shadow Brush, Socket Brush, and Eye Liner - Smudge Brush in this video.

    The artist also applies; Mudpie (a rich matte brown) to the brow using our Angled Brow & Spoolie Brush

    The model is already wearing: Dusky and Hot Chocolate Mineral Foundation, Star Dust Shimmer Powder, Black Vegan Mascara, South Beach Bronzer, Clementine Blush, and Flawless Silk Finishing Powder, and Peachy Keen Lip Gloss.

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