Mineral Foundation SPF 15 (10g) by Lily Lolo

Mineral Foundation SPF 15 (10g) by Lily Lolo


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Product Description

Pure, Gluten-Free, Unscented, Mineral Foundation SPF 15.

Award Winning Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation from London is smooth, silky and gives you a flawless airbrushed complexion. It's high refractive index and light reflecting mica helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines instantly. It's beautiful skin in a jar!

  • Award winning light foundation is free from harsh chemicals, nano particles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrance and preservatives.
  • Light foundation has a natural SPF
  • High performance and water resistant
  • Silky and soft, never cakey or powdery - light foundation allows build-able cover whilst still allowing skin to breathe
  • Naturally radiant: light foundation is light reflecting, minimizing blemishes and fine lines
  • 100% natural

Find Your Perfect Foundation: Available in 14 Shades:
  1. China Doll: Neutral, Fair Shade. A very light foundation with balanced undertones, suitable for light and very light skin tones.
  2. Blondie: Neutral, Light Shade. A light neutral shade with balanced undertones for paler skins - our bestselling lighter shade.
  3. Warm Peach: Warm, Light Shade. Warm Peach is suitable for paler skins with a warm or peach undertone.
  4. Barely Buff: Neutral, Light/Light-Medium Shade (In between Blondie and In the Buff). A light foundation shade with balanced undertones suitable for light skin tones - a new shade.
  5. In the Buff: Neutral, Light-Medium Shade. A light-medium neutral shade with balanced undertones - one of our bestselling shades.
  6. Popsicle: Cool, Light-Medium Shade. A light-medium foundation shade with cool undertones.Popsicle is suitable for light-medium skin with cool or pink undertones.
  7. Popcorn: Warm, Light-Medium Shade. Popcorn is suitable for light-medium skin with warm or peachy undertones.
  8. Cookie:Neutral, Medium Shade. A medium neutral shade with balanced undertones.
  9. Warm Honey: Warm, Medium Shade. Warm Honey is suitable for medium skin with warm or peachy undertones.
  10. Butterscotch: Olive, Medium Shade. Suitable for medium skin with olive or yellow undertones.
  11. Dusky: Neutral, Tan Shade. A tan foundation shade with balanced undertones.
  12. Coffee Bean: Warm, Tan Shade. Suitable for tan skin with a warm or peachy undertone.
  13. Saffron: Olive, Tan Shade. Saffron is suitable for tan skin with an olive or yellow undertone.
  14. Hot Chocolate: Warm, Deep Shade. Hot Chocolate is suitable for deeper skin with warm or peachy skin tones.
  15. Cinnamon: Olive, Deep Shade. Cinnamon is suitable for deep skin with olive or yellow undertones.

How to apply Lily Lolo foundation: For the best results apply your light foundation with a kabuki brush or a flocked sponge. Shake a little foundation powder into the lid of the jar and swirl the brush into the powder until there's an even covering of minerals on the brush. Tap the base of the brush on a hard surface to settle the minerals into the bristles, this ensures a natural looking finish. Starting at the jaw line, apply the light foundation in a circular motion applying some pressure. Re-load the brush and re-apply in thin layers until the desired coverage is achieved. If you're using sample sizes you may find it helpful to empty a small amount of powder into a larger container in order to load the brush more easily.

How to find the right shade:

  • It's important to find the right shade of foundation for your skin tone. Try our inexpensive Foundation Samples in order to ensure you have an exact match.
  • Remember to match your foundation to the skin tone on your jaw line, and not on your hand (they may be very different).
  • If a shade looks too ashy it's too pale for you, if it looks orange (even the slightest bit!) it's too dark. With mineral foundation it's easy to mix shades together as well.
  • For guidance choosing your shade look at your skin in daylight, you may notice that you have more pinky tones or more yellowy tones, so then choose a shade which matches the undertones.
  • Looking at the veins in your wrists can also help, if the veins look blue, you're more likely to have cool colouring, with pinky undertones and if the veins look more green, warm undertones and yellow colouring.
  • Neutral: Balanced. No obvious pink, peach, or yellow to the skin. Wrist veins are greeny-blue.
  • Cool: Pink tones to the skin and wrist veins are most likely blue.
    Note: People with rosacea (broken/visible blood vessels on their nose and cheeks) do not necessarily have cool undertones (even though they might have a pink flush to their facial skin.) So it is best to match foundation to skin on jawline / neck (areas without visible vessels) in these cases. Foundation with warm undertones, may cover the redness better than neutral or pink toned colors.
  • Warm: Peachy tones to the skin and wrist veins are most likely green.
  • Olive: Yellow tones to the skin and wrist veins are most likely to be green.

Contains: Mica, Zinc Oxide, May Contain Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

Size: 10g powder in a 40 g sifter jar.

Product Specific Allergen Info:

Gluten free, suitable for vegans.

Additional Product Info:
  • Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Video
    Video - How To: Mineral Foundation by Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics youtube 1:51 min
    The makeup artist is using Warm Honey (warm medium foundation) and Lily Lolo's Super Kabuki Brush in this video.
  • Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Video
    Video - Lily Lolo How To's: Mineral Foundation youtube 2:09 min
    The makeup artist is using PopCorn (warm light-medium foundation) and Cookie (neutral medium foundation) with Lily Lolo's Super Kabuki Brush in this video. She also uses PeepO Cover-up Corrector (Yellow - disguises dark under eye circles) under the model's eyes. She finishes the look with Flawless Silk - Finishing Powder.
  • Lily Lolo Mature Look Video
    Video - How To: Mature Makeup by Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics youtube 1:32 min
    The makeup artist is using Popcorn (warm light-medium foundation), Warm Honey (warm medium foundation), Flawless Silk Finishing Powder (gives a sexy - dewy finish) and Lily Lolo's Super Kabuki Brush in this video.

    She also applies; Chocolate Brown - Vegan Eye Liner, Black Vegan Mascara, Soft Brown - Mineral Eye shadow (to Eyebrows) (soft matte brown with pinky undertones), Cherry Blossom - Mineral Blush (Shimmer, pale peach-pink), and Clear - Lip Gloss (Almost clear with a natural tint).

    • Cream Soda and Sand Dune - Mineral Eye Shadow for a neutral day-time look.
    • Clementine - Mineral Blush (Matte, peach-pink).

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ratingratingratingratingrating by Customer from Carlsbad, CA, United States on 09/01/2015
Super clean ingredients, wonderful color selection, air brushed finish, nicely priced!

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