Moom Introductory Hair Remover Kit - CLEARANCE SALE!

Moom Introductory Hair Remover Kit - CLEARANCE SALE!

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Product Description

Everything you need to remove unwanted face, underarm, bikini, and body hair!

Moom has taken the ancient art of sugaring and revolutionized it by adding only the highest quality beneficial ingredients and using fabric strips, making the process cleaner and more effective. Moom's exclusive formula gently removes the hair with the root, leaving your skin hair-free and silky smooth for up to 8 weeks. This unque product stands alone as the gentlest, the most effective and most pleasant long term hair remover. Regrowth is sparser and hair becomes finer, reduces hair removal frequency.

Recommendation for use: Can be used on legs, face (upper lip, eye brow, etc..), bikini area, underarms, and other parts of the body. Water soluble - simply rinse with warm water.

Directions for use: Moom must be warmed before use. However, No Heat Needed for facial hair removal. It is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. Spread On Skin.
  2. Rub Strip On Top.
  3. Pull Off.
Moom Introductory Kit Includes:
  • 6 oz Hair Remover glass jar.
  • 12 large poly cotton strips.
  • 6 small poly cotton strips.
  • 2 large wooden applicators.
  • 6 small wooden applicators.
  • Application Instructions
Moom Contains: Water, Sugar, Chammomile, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree Oil.

Size: 1 Intro Kit.

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