The No Grain Diet by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The No Grain Diet by Dr. Joseph Mercola

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"When other diets fail...going Grain-free will reduce inflammation and yield impressive weight loss results quickly (< 30 days)." - Pure Complexions.

How Do You Lose Weight, Keep It Off for Good and Stay Healthy? Just get your hands on the New York Times Best Seller by Dr. Joseph Mercola "The No Grain Diet". It explains why grains and sugars are 'public enemy number one'!

"The No Grain Diet" also helps you stick to your diet plan by incorporating dishes that burst with flavor and texture. In this way, you lose weight, get yourself healthy and add quality years to your life - without feeling like you're missing out!

Take the next crucial step with "The No Grain Diet" and learn to overcome the emotional obstacles that sabotage your diet resolutions. Remember, losing weight is easy - it's keeping it off that's tough!

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