Wild - Oriental Botanical Perfume by Miessence - CLEARANCE SALE!!

Wild - Oriental Botanical Perfume by Miessence - CLEARANCE SALE!!

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Product Description

Oriental Botanical Perfume A sweet and heady mix of oriental resins, opulent flowers, fragrant spices and amber. Dare to risk where the Orient can take you. Enchanting, sensual and exotic.

    Unlock the magic of an alluring love potion. Dare to find the freedom of intimate confidence in yourself. The spicy strength of cinnamon unblocks warmth, energy and connection. Clove helps to create space for new experiences. The fresh sweetness of geranium serenely connects you to natural rhythms and the relentless tempos of love. The mesmeric, musky, sexy scent of patchouli brings a calming peace while the sweet aroma of fennel brings creativity. Colour and chaos, heightened senses, rhythmic melodies and the passionate dance of divine fervour. A sensual journey of discovery with a comfortable and alluring confidence and security.

For when you want to feel... alluring, captivating, divine, ravishing, erotic, sensual, daring, rhythmic, intense, confident, intimate, risky, adventurous, fascinating, mesmeric, enrapturing, hypnotising, riveting, mysterious, extravagant, ecstatic

Aromatic Notes:
  • Top Notes: French fennel and Sri Lankan cinnamon.
  • Heart Notes: French orris root, Egyptian geranium, Bulgarian damask rose.
  • Base Notes: Chinese benzoin resin, Indonesian patchouli, Somalian myrrh, Vanuatuan vanilla bourbon.
Recommendations for use: For a lingering aromatic experience, apply your perfume to the body's pulse points: wrist, neck, cleavage and behind the ears. Our perfumes interact and blend with your individual body chemistry, creating your own unique fragrance that evolves over time.

Contains: certified organic jojoba seed oil, certified organic parfum (proprietary blend of organic and natural botanical extracts, absolutes, and essential oils). 97.55% Organic Product.

Available in 2 Sizes: 0.03 fl oz (1 ml) Trial size and 0.3 fl oz (10 ml) Full size [shown above].

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