Free- Citrus Botanical Perfume by Miessence - CLEARANCE SALE!!

Free- Citrus Botanical Perfume by Miessence - CLEARANCE SALE!!

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Product Description

Citrus Botanical Perfume A cocktail of citrus fruits harmonised by hints of floral, woody and musky notes. Sweet youth meets cool sophisticate. Tangy, fresh and uplifting.

    Learn to take life less seriously. Rediscover your inner child. The fresh lightness of bergamot imbues a sunny effervescence to the spirit and cheers the soul. Fresh, tingling lemon uplifts the mind and enlivens the body, to bring clarity and conciseness to your thoughts. The tangy freshness of lime returns you to a settled place, calming the emotions; bringing harmony and tranquility. At its heart, the serene and softly bitter-sweet scent of orange blossoms remind us to trust and smile with spiritual purity. Flowers bathed in dew. Little noses buried in roses. The spirit of youth, freedom, fun and the energy to relive each new dawn in the joy of being alive.

For when you want to feel... sweet, young, fresh, invigorating, vivacious, blissful, sparkling, jubilant, crisp, green, clear, invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, bright, effervescent, clean, light, sharp, energetic, spiritual, joyful, carefree, cheerful

Aromatic Notes:
  • Top Notes: Italian lemon, orange and bergamot, West Indian lime.
  • Heart Notes: Bulgarian damask rose, Italian orange blossom.
  • Base Notes: French tonka bean, Australian sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli.
Recommendations for use: For a lingering aromatic experience, apply your perfume to the body's pulse points: wrist, neck, cleavage and behind the ears. Our perfumes interact and blend with your individual body chemistry, creating your own unique fragrance that evolves over time.

Contains: certified organic jojoba seed oil, certified organic parfum (proprietary blend of organic and natural botanical extracts, absolutes, and essential oils). 99% Organic Product.

Available in 2 Sizes: 0.03 fl oz (1 ml) Trial size and 0.3 fl oz (10 ml) Full size [shown above].

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