Small Ice Pack Kit **

Small Ice Pack Kit **

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Product Description

We use these reusable packs to ship our perishable probiotics

Keep your stuff cool for 24-48 hours with our reusable ice pack kits!

Benefits of our Ice Packs:
  • High performance; longer lasting thaw time
  • Won't leak or release water when thawed
  • Reusable HUNDREDS of times
  • Flexible when frozen
  • Safe & non-toxic
Other Uses for Our Ice Packs:
  • Use in Coolers and Lunch Boxes
  • Take on the boat and substitute for real ice
  • Use in golf bag in the side pocket to keep several beverages cold.
  • Use as first aid for bumps, bruises and sprains
  • Great for Headaches
  • Warm them in the microwave for soothing heat pad
  • Perfect for pulled muscles
  • Use at little league or other sporting events
  • Cut some open and mix with potting soil to improve moisture content of soil
Kit Includes: 3 mini ice packs & 1 Cool Shield Insulated Bag.

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