Resurfacing Enzyme Peel (1 oz) by Suki

Resurfacing Enzyme Peel (1 oz) by Suki


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Product Description

Step 1 Rescue Product for: chronic dry mature skin

Step 3 Amplify Product for: all blemish prone skin

"I formulate my resurfacing masque because exfoliation is key for most skin issues & 100% pure peels that really work are impossible to find!! I made my peel effective topically by using my acids that peel away surface problems & below from enzymes that go deeper to "eat away" hidden toxins for immediate & long-term results!" ‐ know your beauty ‐ Suki

Key Benefits:
  • safe for sensitive skin:
  • perfect results‐driven product for those who cant use manual exfoliates
  • smoothes complexion, evens & rejuvenates skin tone, eliminating the appearance of dullness
  • jumpstarts collagen production, firms & strengthens elasticity
  • resurfaces skin, preventing premature aging & reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • clears pores, lifts away layers of dead skin & toxic build‐up
  • reduces the appearance of blemishing of all kinds ‐ chronic, cystic, whiteheads, blackheads & over‐active, problem skin

Key Ingredients:
  • ENZYMATIC PURIFYING COMPLEX SSS glycolic acid, papain, apple, pumpkin
    • suki proprietary complexes combine high‐performance ingredients to target issues safely & effectively
    • contains our SSS technology ‐ the advanced delivery method of this powerful pore purifier & healthy‐ager, SSS glycolic acid in our uniquely, "safe for sensitivities" format ‐ no caustic, "VSA" (Volatile Synthetic Active) side effects ‐ peeling, irritation or inflammation
    • also contains high‐potency extracts: papain, apple & pumpkin
    • penetrates pores to purify skin & address chronic & blemishing of all kinds
    • reduces appearance of scars

  • SSS Salicylic Acid from white willow bark
    • our SSS technology - the advanced delivery method of this powerful healthy‐ aging & problem skin active, SSS salicyclic acid, in our uniquely, "safe for sensitivities format"
    • targets the underlying causes of chronically problematic skin
    • reduces the appearance of blemishing of all kinds - cystic, white & blackheads
    • purifies & exfoliates
    • reduces overly active skin challenges

Recommendations for use: apply even layer over face & decolletage, avoiding eyes. leave on 10 to 20 min or overnight, depending on level of sensitivity.

remove with moist suki organic facial cloth.

use 2 to 3 times a week or as needed. may also use as a spot treatment overnight.

Contains: rosa centifolia (provence rose) concentrate+, alcohol (from sugar cane denatured with lavender oil)+, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, salix alba (willow) bark powder, glycolic acid, xanthan gum, limonene*, papain, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed powder, citric acid, fragrance (essential oils)*, linalool*.

*components of 100% pure natural fragrance and/or steam-distilled/cold-pressed essential oils.

+certified organic

total organic content: 12.0%

contains botanicals which make up our SSS technology & enzymatic purifying complex

Size: 1 fl oz.

Product Specific Allergen Info:

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