Citrus Organic Body Polish by Trillium Organics

Citrus Organic Body Polish by Trillium Organics

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available in 3 scents/5 sizes


Product Description

Exfoliate, moisturize and protect the skin with this bi-weekly skin renewal treatment. Crystals of salt exfoliate and purify the skin while enhancing the skinís absorption of the Organic emollient oils. This is the most intense and penetrating moisturizing treatment you will ever experience. Skin is hydrateAd by the bath or shower waters, opening the pores and saturating the skin. The saltís hyper- osmotic properties pull the water from the skin, the Organic oils then migrate deeply into the prepared the dermal layers. The Soy Lipids leave a non-comedogenic (non pore- clogging) layer of protection over the fresh newly exposed skin. Just try it, youíll know what all the fuss is about!

Available in 3 Citrus Scents:
  1. Pink Grapefruit: Juicy and Refreshing! Pink Grapefruit Polish is a Crisp and Refreshing, way to start the day! This formula also contains Grapefruit Essential Oil (Solvent-Free). Top Seller! Voted #1 Body Scrub for 2006 by Health & Fitness Magazine!
  2. Fresh Lime: Crisp and Cooling! This sun-safe lime blend is fantastic to jump-start your morning or to cool you down after a workout. This formula also contains Lime Oil (solvent-free from the peel).
  3. Sweet Clemetine: Joyous and Comforting! Indulge in the sweet comforting aroma of fresh clementine fruit. Clementines, also known as tangerines or mandarin oranges, are sweet orange-colored citrus fruits with loose, easily peeled skin and sweet-tart, juicy flesh. This formula also contains Clementine Oil (Solvent-Free from the peel). Top Seller!
Directions for use: Wonderful when applied to skin over the entire body wet or dry. Use bare hands to rub the skin with the gently exfoliating salt crystals. Polish lightly in tender areas, and more vigorously over rough spots, or leave polish on for a spell to enhance purification and moisturization. Rinse to reveal softer, smoother, genuinely revitalized skin.
For the smoothest shave - Always Polish FIRST, Rinse, Then Shave.

Base Contains: Crystalline Salt, Organic Safflower Oil, Solvent-Free Phospholipids (from soy), Vitamin E Oil (from soy), Essential Oils - see above. (Product is 96% Organic)

Available in 5 sizes: 2 oz Packet, 4 oz Net Wt Jar (NEW), 8 oz Jar, 16 oz Jar, & 24 oz Net Wt Jar (NEW).

SIZE CHANGE: Trillium Organics is changing the sizing of their body polish. The following adjustments are being made:
  • 2 oz Packet (OLD) --> 4 oz Net Wt Jar (NEW).
  • 8 oz Jar (OLD) ---> is being discontinued.
  • 16 oz Jar (OLD) ---> 24 oz Net Wt Jar (NEW).
    The 24oz. Net Wt. jar is the same as 16 fl oz jar - new system of measure.
As we run out of the "old" sizes, they will be replaced by the new sizes.

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