Pot of Gold Night Repair (1.25oz) by The Vital Image

Pot of Gold Night Repair (1.25oz) by The Vital Image

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Product Description

Rejuvenate, repair sun damage, anti aging, toning, tightening, great for problem skin.

So many causes of skin damage, yet so easy to significantly reverse within a short period of time.

This wonderful creation rejuvenates your skin via reversing damage that is caused by cold, hot and dry climates, sun damage, and stress due to diet or extraordinary negative emotions.

Pot of Gold Night Repair contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes of more than eighty skin enhancing plant extracts as found in our Skin Renewal Complex.

You will also benefit from the powerful and profound repair elements of (among others) marigold, goldenseal and lemon grass. These give Pot of Gold its beautiful gold color and delightful organic fragrance.

Recommendations for use: Apply three nights weekly, instead of your Skin Renewal Complex.

Use it any time your skin has suffered extra environmental or emotional stress.

Pot of Gold Night Repair is truly a wonder of nature. Your skin will look firmer and more rejuvenated in just one week!!

Contains: Skin Renewal Complex ingredient [Over 80 pure plant extracts including: rosemary, horsetail, rose (solvent-free), cucumber (petroleum-free), avocado, bee pollen, prune, walnut oil, apple, witch hazel, sunflower oil, grapeseed extract (solvent-free), carrot, almond oil, calendula, COPS (Charged Organic Particles), watermelon, zinc oxide, calcium oxide, and vitamin E.] Plus: marigold, goldenseal and lemon grass.

Size: 1.25 oz Jar.

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