Genie (1.3oz) by The Vital Image

Genie (1.3oz) by The Vital Image

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Product Description

Push back the clock a minimum of 10 years in six months, guaranteed!

Key Benefits:
  • You can look 10 years younger in three months and in six months for many, have your skin appear as it was 20 years ago.
  • Reduce forehead lines and wrinkles
  • Lift those droopy eyelids.
  • Have your eyes look as wide open as they used to years ago.
  • Diminish and even erase under eye lines and wrinkles.
  • Say "goodbye" to unsightly 'crows' feet.
  • Fill out cheek vertical lines and wrinkles.
  • Soften nasal-labial folds.
  • Raise and energize the cheeks to unveil the younger you.
  • Elevate that droopy side of the mouth look.
  • Firm up a sagging under chin.
  • Enrich texture and smoothness and youthful tightness of your face.
  • Normalize pore size.
  • Recapture the facial contour of your youth.
  • Regain that youthful volume and plumpness.
  • Normalize dryness.
  • You can even convert irritation and sun damage into more radiant, healthier, more than 10 years younger-looking skin 100% GUARANTEED!-- $0 risk, 100%-money-back.

Why Genie?

The Vital Image has been making and selling high quality natural skin-care products for over 26 years. We have uncovered a world-renown cutting-edge biotech research that we applied to create Genie, our quantum leap rule breaker skin rejuvenator.

We now are ready to share this vastly superior skin rejuvenator with our family, friends and highly esteemed customers that want to recapture their hidden, amazingly youthful skin.

Our human trial of Genie verified just that. Only IF we could reverse the hands of the clock for ALL of our clinical trial participants by a minimum of 10 years would Genie be allowed to come out of the bottle and fulfill our friends, customers and our own wishes.

We believe there to be evidence that a new technology in skin-care is being born. People reveal: "I want a product that will make my skin look and feel as young as possible, will do it as quickly as possible, maintain this youthful condition for as long as possible." Finally, we believe that this tall order has clearly been met--your skin's here-to-fore illusive fountain of youth may have at last been found.

Within 90 days participants in our trial were raving about this amazing skin-care breakthrough--our former 'Miss Sweden' (runner-up to 'Miss Universe') called and said "I'm just so thrilled with my skin, I just have to come over so you can see my already younger look." The amazing thing, of course is the speed at which this cell-by-cell super rejuvenator works. Another participant volunteered "It's incredible to look in the mirror and see a vibrant me and to feel so smug when old friends ask "Did you just meet somebody and fall in love?"

Are we saying that everyone who participated in this study looks at least 10 years younger than when we started the clinical trial? Yes! Indeed we are saying exactly that. All of our 37 participants: Beauty queens, supermodels, construction workers, athletes, professional skin-care experts, recognized actors, business and normal men and women all agreed that this is the stuff from which the ultimate skincare is made.

Is Genie A Miracle?

To wake up the most beautiful skin inside you, just open the container, apply and allow Genie to unleash your own rejuvenating powers--diminish, reduce and even eliminate those stubborn lines and wrinkles, fill-in and plump-up with your recreated collagen where older looking and thinner skin had taken over, bring back that elastic-recoil and tightness of yester-year, say goodbye to laugh-lines and crows feet and experience delight as your skin re-introduces you to what will become the younger, previously not believed, more beautiful, vital image of yourself--as you well know you deserve. Even our "macho", guys regained that 'swagger' within 90 days when their friends asked if they had lost weight, had been spending more time at the gym or earned that "looking good dude" comment.

Genie is a miracle, as we define a miracle: "something that happens not in opposition to the laws of nature but in REVERSING what WAS our knowledge of the laws of nature." The common mixing of ingredients unwisely may counteract or stop rejuvenation; or even worse, it can speed up the aging process when they exhaust your skin as it's trying to keep up with all the stuff and mixed signals being put on it. The "miracle" of skin cell rejuvenation is about the way unique ingredients in Genie precisely orchestrate metabolism within and between cells.

How Genie works Stem cell activation?

Science knows that specific protein/enzyme molecule combinations determine how and when genes are expressed. So it seems, Genie's isolated food quality molecules (proteins/enzymes) instruct cells what to do and when. These instructions appear to be identical to the biologically "young" instructions that you were born with. It defuses aging templates and resets rejuvenation patterns. Genie seems to breaks the bad habits of cell division from our decades of life.

As skin cells begin to ignore "old" instructions and replace them with the brought-in "young" instructions, we set in motion visible skin-tissue upgrade patterns; lines and wrinkles may soften, loose skin may tighten, flat skin may regain volume and plump up, tone may be recovered; we just may have a chance to regain the features only seen in pictures taken when we were much younger.

As more skin cells "get with the program" it just may be very possible (cells reproduce about every 28 days) that your skin tissues could exhibit a visible reverse in aging.

Recommendations for use: Apply to your face: From hairline, eyelids to under the jaw, neck all around to back, ear-to-ear, including the chest.

  • Massage blends always in short upward strokes, and under chin toward ear. Focus extra attention on eye zone and problem areas of major concern.
  • Take three close-up photos; of each side and front of 'naked', unsmiling, relaxed face, display a sheet or card indicating the date of each photo.

The Loading Phase:
  1. Complete Evaluation of Your Skin's Condition and Personal Skin Condition Analysis forms, use your close-up photos as reference to answer each question.
  2. Cleanse entire treatment area with Face & Body Wash.
  3. Apply generous amount of Grime Fighter and spread around entire area leaving it damp;
  4. Apply Genie as needed or by dispensing about a nickel-size portion into palm and apply with eyes closed over both eyelids, continue to the rest of the area as suggested in How to Start above.
  5. Re-apply Grime Fighter; massage into skin until product has been absorbed.
  6. Spray PhytoHydrator as needed; if you tend to have normal or dry skin, spray PhytoHydrator into palm of hand, add a couple of drops of Lipid Complex, blend with fingers of other hand and massage into skin; all skin types are invited to apply the Skin Renewal Complex--(SRC feeds rejuvenated cells and creates a healthier skin environment).
  7. Continue with your normal skin-care routine.
  8. Refrigerate products until next application is suggested though not mandatory.
  9. Repeat procedure, (steps 2-8) 2 X per day, am and pm until you are satisfied with your skin's appearance; this completes the Loading Phase.
Maintenance Phase:
  1. Fill out Personal Skin Condition Analysis and re-print and fill out your Pre and Post Loading Phase Questionnaire, keep for your records; analyze and compare your progress often;
  2. If you choose to reduce application frequency to once a day, then regularly take pictures as indicated above and evaluate your progress. If or when your appearance begins to degrade, return to Loading Phase to recapture momentum; you may opt for a Loading Phase treatment sporadically; experiment to see what suits you best.

Contains: Charged Organic Particles (COPS), aloe vera, butchers broom extract, rosemarie, rose extract, hyaluronic acid, L-Arginine, ascorbit palmitate, amino acids and peptides, Vitamin E mixed tocopherols, ginseng extract, horsetail extract, safflower oil, guarana extract, lemon extract, witch hazel, kelp extract, carrot oil, thyme extract, yellow dock extract, wormwood extract, lemon balm, black walnut, parsley flakes, white cabbage, barberry bark, rosehips, peppermint, black walnut leaves, capsium sea weed, water cress, borage flowers, nettle leaves, lavender flowers, cat claw bark, damiana, motherwort.

Size: 1.3 oz Jar.

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