Night Wonder by The Vital Image

Night Wonder by The Vital Image

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Product Description

Accelerate collagen production, protect skin-cell DNA, annuls inflammation, boost cell energy, help recover skin tone, 100% natural, has hyaluronic acid.

Why use your Night Wonder?
  • To rebuild a fuller, younger look FAST!
  • To promote collagen, elastin
  • Feed your skin KEY Nutrients for maximum rejuvenation
  • FIGHT: Natural and unnatural causes of aging --free-radical damage of cell nucleus, DNA and collagen.
  • Reduce Inflamed tissues, negative chain reaction, re-establish lost plasma's oxygen.
  • Recapture cell's oxygen to reduce crosslinking and micro scarring.
  • Combat signs of DEGENERATION such as:
    • Dryness (after ൦"), sun damage, lost skin tone, thinning tissue, sagging and loss of firmness.
How to Apply:
  1. Clean with Face & Body Wash
  2. Grime Fighter or Waterless Cleanser
  3. Phyto Hydrator: Mist generously to activate
  4. Night Wonder
    1. Apply over entire area
    2. Massage gently and thoroughly
    3. When? Nightly at bed time, apply as often as you feel your skin needs it. Mornings too: Excellent option.
    4. Use Where? Face, eye area, lips, lip-lines, neck & chest.

Contains: Organic Aloe, COPS (Charged Organic Particles), Hyaluronic Acid vitamin A, B, E, Betacarotine, B complex, Omega 3, 9, Quercetin (bioflavonoid), Carnosine, Colostrum, DHLA Noni, Super Noni, rose, walnut oil, cucumber, avocado, calamine, sunflower oil, Green Tea, Tocotrienols, Horse Chestnut, Propolis Nano, CoQ10 Detox, key anti-oxydants, lavender, proprietary herbal blend.

Size: 1.25 oz Jar.

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