Skin Oxygenator (2oz) by The Vital Image

Skin Oxygenator (2oz) by The Vital Image

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Product Description

Powerful anti aging; oxygenate, exfoliate, detox, energize. Calm sensitive, irritated, rashes, oily, dry skin. Remove infectious acne-causing bacteria, add a healthy glow to all skin types

Oxygen is a critical element to our health and life. Immediately on applying Skin Oxygenator to skin you will experience superbly enhanced skin health.

Key Benefits:
  • Delivers oxygen and calms skin. Excellent for acne, irritation or rashes
  • Rids all skin types of harmful bacteria and pathogens that impair cell functions, thus it strengthens cells. A must for acne, beautifies and rejuvenates all skin types
  • Provides a healthier ambience that reduces skin degeneration - it's anti aging.
HOW TO USE Skin Oxygenator:
  • Cleanse skin with Face & Body Wash, Grime Fighter or Waterless Cleanser.
  • Soak a small piece of sterile cotton with the Skin Oxygenator
  • Saturate desired areas using gentle, short strokes. Re-cap bottle immediately!!
  • Do twice daily, follow up with C-Serum, Skin Renewal Complex or any of the other Vital Image skin nourishers (Pot of Gold, Cherry Yam, Saffron Complex, Cleopatra's Dream, etc.)
Contains: Pure, highly charged mineralized water, contains electrolytes, enzymes, trace minerals and amino acids.

Size: 2 oz Squirt Bottle.

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