Hand and Foot Cream (1.25 oz) by The Vital Image

Hand and Foot Cream (1.25 oz) by The Vital Image


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Hand & Foot Cream
All natural, non-greasy cream to soften, relax, exfoliate and normalize calluses, relieve dryness, lines and wrinkles and adds elasticity and recoil.
  • All natural,
  • anti aging,
  • non-greasy
  • boosts skin to soften
  • relaxes
  • exfoliate and normalize calluses
  • relieves dryness, lines and wrinkles
  • adds elasticity and recoil.

Our hands and feet take so much punishment; bumping into things, over-exposure to the air elements and in support of our body weight for many hours while compressed under shoes.

To meet their needs we developed the Hand & Foot Cream with the objective of keeping this over-taxed skin soft, strong, healthy, pliable and beautiful.

Folks who get it one time seem to always come back for more.

Contains: Extracts of avocado, bee pollen, prune, calendula, walnut oil, rosemary, horsetail, almond oil, organic jojoba, vitamin E.

Size: 1.25 oz Jar.

Scented with pure solvent-free plant extracts - intensity of scent varies from batch to batch.

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