Lipid Complex (0.5 oz) by The Vital Image

Lipid Complex (0.5 oz) by The Vital Image


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Product Description

Beautify your skin. Fight dryness and wrinkles with just a couple of drops of new Lipid Complex! This fabulous fine plant ester and oil blend provides a touch of richness to any of your Vital Image skin nourishers: C-Serum, Collagen Builder, Skin Renewal Complex and all of the other Complexes including Cherry Yam and Cleopatra's Dream.

Here's how it works: All of our skin nourishers are water soluble due to the magic of COPS ( Charged Organic Particles). They feed and beautify your skin. When severe conditions call for extra protection, you are in control with Lipid Complex. Add just a few drops to your application of Skin Renewal Complex or other nourisher. The COPS in the nourisher act on the Lipid Complex to make a rich, water soluble nutrient to make your skin feel and look moist, smooth and beautiful!

How to use Lipid Complex:
  1. Wash your skin and use the Grime Fighter
  2. Dispense any nourisher in the palm of your hand
  3. Add one or more drops of Lipid Complex and mix with the middle fingers of the other hand
  4. Smooth over your entire skin as you normally do.
Contains: Certified organic jojoba, fine plant oils of avocado, apricot, grape seed, almond, sassafras, lemon grass, vitamin E, sage, sandalwood.

Size: 0.50 oz Dropper Bottle.

*Contains solvent-free extracts & oils*

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