Sun Shield Moisturizer by The Vital Image

Sun Shield Moisturizer by The Vital Image


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Much more than Organic Sun Protection!

Our first line of defense against skin aging and cancer is to stay out of the sun. When sun avoidance is impossible it becomes critical that we take extra protective measures. 700ꯠ people report skin cancer every year. Overexposure to the sun's UVA and UVB rays, say medical experts, is the principal cause of skin cancer and permanent skin damage.

Solar Radiation:
  • UVA causes Premature Aging
  • UVB causes Burning
  • Dehydration
  • Free radical damage
  • Destruction of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Heat-- depletes cell energy
  • Use of Traditional Sunscreens Bake chemicals into your skin.
Sun Shield Moisturizer antioxidant lotion's benefits:
  • Zinc, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, aloe and other important nutrients have clinically proven to reduce sunburn and to be anti-tumor
  • Fights free radicals leading to wrinkles, with grape seed and other antioxidants
  • Moisturizes skin to fight against skin damage caused by dehydration
  • Has NO chemicals, NO petroleums, NO synthetics, fillers, etc.--100% natural sunscreen antioxidant moisturizer. Each ingredient is a skin nutrient
  • Use it every day indoors and outdoors--it's a great skin rejuvenator
  • Allows skin to repair damage from UV exposure faster than it occurs
  • Nutrients repair, protect, rejuvenate and beautify skin incredibly!
Huge amounts of vitamin E, uncut and solvent free, combat free-radical damage from UV rays, reduce sunburn and is anti-tumor, according to clinical studies. Sun Shield's huge concentration of minerals screen remarkably against UV damage. Huge concentration of minerals boosts sun-screening capability. The abundance of grape seed extract provides powerful anti-free-radical and anti-tumor protection. Increased, scientifically selected and formulated nutrients provide optimum protection and repair from UV rays while energizing and beautifying skin incredibly! Guarding against heat, dehydration, free radical damage, destruction of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and baking in of chemicals is the smart way to protect your skin!

Contains: COPS (Charged Organic Particles) (Proprietary formula), highly energetically charged: Organic fresh innerleaf and gel of Aloe vera, Vitamin E, uncoated zinc oxide (10%) [nano-free], calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, rice amino acids, vitamins C, A, B, other minerals and vitamins. No water, no man-chemicals, food grade, never tested on animals.

Available in 2 sizes: 4 oz and 1/4 oz sample size.

*Has Mild-Moderate Floral-Herbal Scent from the various plant extracts - scent varies from batch to batch*No Titanium Dioxide**No PABA*

About SPF: Sun Shield does Not have an official FDA SPF rating and has not been tested in a lab for SPF coverage. However, it contains 10% zinc oxide concentration, which is consistent with other sun protection 15 or 20 level products.

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ratingratingratingrating by from , , on 07/29/2018
Absolutely love this product. It really works. Absorbs easily without leaving white residue, very moisturizing, smells nice, and all natural which is almost impossible to find. I have been buying this product for years. Thank you!!

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